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  1. We haven't received our credit posted to our credit card. There was a difference on the paper statement and the navigator statement for taxes, fees & port expenses adjustment that amounted to $321.06 difference in credit amount. (the paper version was less) Does anyone know which credit amount is correct? $995.18 or $674.12? The paper statement reported the last 4 digits of the credit card on file. Be aware that they had a data breach last year so maybe that caused some data problems?
  2. You stated: "I did get a rebate to my ship account for the unused days. ( We also received a credit on our account of $ 995. For the port charges for the 24 ports of the 48 that we are not going to get to)." Wondering. My paper statement showed $674.12 credit per person for taxes, fess, port adjustment but the online navigator statement amount was $995.18. I have not yet see a credit to my credit card on file for my statement credit balance. Has anyone seen a settlement of the on-board account? Did anyone else see the difference in the adjustment figure? Which amount is the real amount?
  3. Norm and Paula made it home safely Tues night. Flight on ANA (Japan) Perth-Tokyo-Houston-FLL went well. Last leg Houston-FL was cancelled but United re-booked us on a flight only a couple of hours later. Luggage was already there ahead of our flight so they must have put it on an earlier flight. We used Enterprise car rental (excellent service and value) to drive home, arriving just after dark. Houston customs and immigration was a wave through with only scan of passports. In response to anything to declare, we said no and they waved us through without a slowdown. There were no lines since we were early off flight. Flight Houston to FLL had first class nearly full (with several pilots and upgrades) and only about 15 people in economy on the 737. Now isolating for 2 weeks. So far we are feeling well other than jet lag. Friends brought in groceries but don't want money yet as they don't want to touch anything that we touch! Time will cure that. All folks in condo are self isolating ... with more walkers than normal. Can this be a new trend... walk vs shop?
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