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  1. I can almost guarantee this will be the case.
  2. I hate to jump in with all the family but has your daughter actually BEEN to Alaska? If your decision is based solely on logistics, I get it. But you WILL miss a lot of great stuff and spend too many days at sea that could be more beautifully spent in Alaska.
  3. Is Jan Swartz snail-mail address the one in Santa Clarita?
  4. We decided to do a back-to-back out of Vancouver to cut down on the sea days. Besides, Vancouver is gorgeous and we decided to spend a couple of days there on one end or the other. While it will definitely increase the costs, it gives us an extra 4 days on the inside passage vs the "wham-bam" on the 10-day RT out of San Fran.
  5. I have heard tell of this mythical beast. Where do we find them as close to the dock as possible? We’re going to be there in about 20 minutes.
  6. The only issue with this is that if you take a bottle to dinner, they will inspect it with a magnifying glass to ensure the sticker is on it. If not, no problem... just expect a $15 charge on your cabin account that night. We are bringing 16 bottles with us tomorrow.
  7. I think that’s where I’m going. Lots of history and a beautiful church. Thank you.
  8. Sort of. You can have as many devices as you need on your unlimited internet access account but only one at a time can be connected. Last cruise, my wife and I swapped log-ins as needed. When switching from one device to another, you don't need to log off the current device first; when you try to connect the second device, it will tell you you're still connected to the first device and ask you if it's OK to log off and connect you to the second device. And, at least in our case, we both continued to be able to send and receive texts even when we were logged off. Don't k
  9. Thank you, everyone, for your answers. Curious: Do most cruisers like covered or uncovered better? There are obvious advantages to each; what's the consensus?
  10. Thank you! I searched but it didn’t come up for me.
  11. Anybody had any experience with a Catholic Church near the cruise terminal?
  12. Any comments or experiences? Covered balcony on the Dolphin deck? Thank you.
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