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  1. As am I; “comfortable” in formal attire, that is. Elegance is fun.
  2. 1) Because it's been promulgated in about a million other threads on this same subject. 2) No, you're right; it's worse. 3) Agreed.
  3. It's pretty simple how the thread got diverted: it's evident the standards for "Smart Casual" nights have gone down the same sewer pipe as the "Formal Night" standards. Everything is optional or a matter of opinion or "Look at me! I'm such a rebel in my shorts on formal night!" or "Nobody's gonna tell ME how to act!" ad nauseam. I had this small, tiny hope that decorum would prevail in an environment (aboard ship) where it used to be expected and enforced. It's not anymore just like everything else in our "brave, new world" modern society. As I mentioned in another thread, my last cruise before the one we just completed was 10 years ago. A lot has changed, virtually NOTHING for the better. I wore a uniform most of my adult life (Army, Deputy Sheriff, Airline Captain). I'm used to structured environments where actual standards of performance and appearance are established and enforced and it's at odds with the virtual non-existent "suggestions" of today. I know the culture war is lost; we've been overrun by the "standardless". It's just sad to see.
  4. It's not a matter of sheep... it's a matter of class.
  5. Thank you for your contributions to the decline.
  6. This is akin to cheating at jacks. In other words, what, exactly, is the point???
  7. I think it's to ensure the orderly and efficient operation of the DR and to be the point of contact for any issues that arise. I've never really seen them do anything else apart from paying a nightly visit to each table to see how things are going.
  8. Then you seem to be in violation of Princess' policies. I'm done here.
  9. Let's not start this again. You know VERY WELL this has nothing to do with "[my] enjoyment". It has everything to do with the sad decline in standards in EVERYTHING over the years. And you can always eat in the buffet on formal nights.
  10. Whatever. I don’t have a problem understanding what constitutes actual “formal wear” for “formal nights”.
  11. Side question: the hot water spigot in the buffet, does anyone know what the nominal temperature is supposed to be? We are bringing French presses on our next voyage and are hoping the water will be hot enough to brew with.
  12. It’s part of “formal wear” when it’s under a tux or dinner jacket. Not when it’s worn as the only outer garment on top of jeans and flops.
  13. Because they aren’t familiar with what constitutes formal dress or...?
  14. I agree, and there are MANY here who agree also, but after having been shouted down and having posts removed by the "how DARE you tell me how to dress on MY cruise" crowd, this is a useless battle. The concepts of "elegance" and "taste" have long-ago departed from our society. Just look at what passes for acceptable in music, movies, social media, and virtually anything else you can name that mirrors the cesspool our popular culture has become.
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