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  1. There wasn't any childcare on my Horizon sailing and it probably will be the same for my September sailing.
  2. It's just an auto generated email so don't worry about it right now but check back regularly for any new requirements on Carnival’s website.
  3. @MrMarc response is perfect and it's also extremely important to check your booking regularly on Carnival’s website just in case there's new requirements.
  4. You need to apply for the exemption. There was a link in the operational update email sent on the 19th, .
  5. The question is on the exemption process and right now it's through October.
  6. No. The protocols being announced is the first thing that must happen and right now that's just through October.
  7. The state legislature which represents the people of the entire state are the ones that passed the bill to overrule the local referendum.
  8. The problem for the vloggers is the upload speed which is always slow with satellite. I was on with the vloggers on 7/10 and the speed was very good on the Horizon.
  9. Wait and check in at the same. With reduced capacity there's really not a rush to get on.
  10. I had the premium on the Horizon and it worked well. No lag on YouTube or any of my wife's work applications. We also didn't have problems with video chat. If you need to get it then you might as well get the premium.
  11. From what I saw on my roll that's true. Carnival was even offering 1/2 off a future cruise during the last week but a few held out and didn't get the exemption till after they took the PCR test.
  12. They need to require it for the unvaccinated first and then enforce it. At least now it's required in the Casino but it also needs to the same for the buffet if not the entire ship.
  13. He didn't say 75%. He said figure out the numbers. All the Horizon sailings have gone out at less than 60%. Donkey gave the numbers in his Q&A.
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