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  1. The OBC from a cancelled cruise was used on my daughter's account for tips. My wife's and I went over so there was no to tell on our accounts.
  2. The OBC just comes off automatically as you charge on the ship.
  3. Carnival didn't let any rules slide. They're following the guidance from the CDC.
  4. Our promotional OBC was divided 3 ways and each person had to spend their own. It didn't show that way until we were on the Horizon.
  5. Plan B depends if your flying or driving. Most airports have a location for same day PCR tests. There were a couple people who got the wrong test and had to have their kids tested at the Miami Airport.
  6. I wouldn’t stress. Orange is better than yellow and it could have just been a false positive.
  7. I felt the same way but the results were in my email 20 hours after my daughter's test.
  8. I used Quest in July for a PCR test and they used a Wal-Mart drive thru pharmacy location for the test.
  9. If it's a server than you can just add it in as additional gratuity.
  10. We had a few fake posts that were eventually removed on my July 10th Horizon sailing that said something similar.
  11. Just make an appointment at a different location than you had your other shots. I went to Walmart in March and received the J&J. Then in June I made an appointment at CVS to receive Phizer. They didn't care that I had already had been vaccinated.
  12. I am also and received the J&J the first week of March. The original plan was for me to get a Phizer booster in June and then at my Dr's appointment last week I was told to get the 2nd Phizer.
  13. If it's for travel they put in the bag with the sample a "priority" label so the results come back first.
  14. Not only that but there were a lot of people at guest services because they had OBC left that they had planned to spend in the shops on the last sea day.
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