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  1. An update - now assigned cabin 411. Not long to go now!
  2. I called our Australian number. I think I knew more about the status of Xpedition than he did - a guy in a call centre who knows where. But he took my details as I suspect Galapagos people not in - due to time zones. Will hopefully call back with details. But I did check Celebrity website and they are selling cabins on 14 March 2020 cruise; so probably ok. I'd just fell better with room not of deck 3. Gerry
  3. Cruise Mapper shows Xpedition cruising in Galapagos. But so far no passenger updates on Cruise Critic. I am on March 14 cruise so here's hoping all is now ok. But am still showing cabin 305 on closed deck 3!!?? Gerry
  4. Xpedition moved about a week ago to from what is the Dry Dock to the current wharf position. And 'jec2016': that is interesting about the overbooking. I am on the March 14 cruise & still showing cabin 305 even after check-in! ; this cabin, in fact deck 3, is apparently now closed. Looks like they are slowing getting through cruises. I suspect an overbooking situation coming (from the old 100 person days when I booked) and so I need to keep a watch on my emails. But not so easy to work around our other plans; this week long cruise is part of a longer 9 week journey around parts
  5. Hmm, hopefully it leaves soon for my and others trips. Interestingly, I have done the check-in for our 14 March cruise. It still shows us in our original cabin #305. Initially it did not do luggage tags; but shortly afterwards an email from RCCL/Celebrity came with our Guest Ticket Booklet complete with luggage tag for cabin #305. I understand level 3 cabins are closed with the smaller passenger numbers; at least that is what shows now for bookings. Hopefully the boat is not overbooked. I have been reluctant so far to call Celebrity given the lack of success from others with future cruises - y
  6. Xpedition had been showing in the dry dock for some weeks. The other day it moved a short distance to the wharves. Hopefully now waiting to get going back to Galapagos.
  7. Well, has Xpedition finally come out of dry dock? Cruise Mapper is finally showing movement. Or is it just GPS error? Let's hope. Am on 14 March cruise; but leave Australia on 16 February. Gerry
  8. Hi all. With Xpedition still in dry dock, according to Cruise mapper, either the boat was more damaged that initially thought or they are updating for reduced passengers now, or what?? I am on 14 March cruise and like others cannot really do much but wait. Much is planned and booked around those cruise dates and you cannot really change or cancel plans at this stage without penalty. They do have later February and March bookings on the website, but that seems to mean little. Am really at Celebrity's whims; hell, I am still showing as room 305 that is now closed. My only consolation to dat
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