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  1. Sounds like a fun cruise! We will be doing the Mediterranean next year, so I am going to follow along! I look forward to your posts and cruise tidbits! We have been on the Emerald several times for South Pacific, so I am familiar with the ship! Probably some of our friends on the crew are still there!!! 😁😁
  2. Totally agree! Having that chair is very important! I wish they had not removed them....😢 We try to book mini-suites, but they are not always available, and the balcony rooms, though small need that extra chair!!! 👍
  3. Certain powerstrips are not allowed. I always just take a multi outlet plug, it plugs into one outlet and allows for up to three plugs to be added. I have never had a problem with these...I also bring along an extension cord with multi outlet plug-ins for my tablet. The regular kindle cord is not long enough to stretch from the outlet to the kindle when I lie on the bed and want to read on my kindle! The extension cord works just fine! And it does not have to be very long. 4-6 feet is fine. 👍👍
  4. You are paying for a private car excursion through Princess. This is the safe way to get a private car. 😁. But as far as the walking, the car will not be able to take you all the way there. There will be walking if you want to go to Petra or like others have said, there are alternate methods to get down to the sites. We are in the same predicament when we do excursions. We cannot walk very far or long.. So we try to do excursions by bus or private car as well. I am sure the driver will be able to point out other sites that will be more accessible. Have fun! 👍
  5. We order dinner from room service on the first evening every Princess cruise we take! We have never had a problem getting it and we have not found that it takes longer on the first night! They have always had the best artichoke cream soup on the first night on almost every Princess cruise we have done! Strange that most of the ships have that same soup on the first night, unless they are doing fleetwide menus from the room service kitchen! That is highly possible! But I really love it, so we always order room service the first evening Enjoy! 😋😋 You can also order hors' douvres (sp?) from the gift selection before you sail! Think: cheese and crackers, fruit, canapes and chocolate covered strawberries! We always order a plate of eight for our sailaway! Mmmmmmmmm...😋😋 You order for embarkation day and they will deliver them! If you want to get drinks at the bar, you can do that, or order beer or wine from room service. Check the "shop" section on Princess Cruise Lines Home page BEFORE your cruise and see what they offer! Cheers! 😋😁
  6. Stick to the tourist areas and you will be fine! Or stick with Princess tours! I personally would not do a cab into the caution areas!
  7. Yes, I believe I have! I am not attacking anyone personally. I had a complaint about a company and described it and that it made me angry that they were incompetent. This is a board for posting about experiences with Cruise Line companies, is it not? I never insulted any one person at RCI. I also did not attack you or anyone personally with any nasty words or insulting statements. I simply stated that it makes me "happy" that you find someone else's problems with a cruise line so amusing. My remark was made in general about how nasty some people can be and it still amazes me. (Though at my age, I should know better...) And that ends my interaction with those who have not posted a good tip for resolving this or a way to find out if it indeed was our TA and not RCI! I am open to finding out if our TA made a HUGE mistake this time or if it was RCI who messed up! I am open to helpful posts, but done with posts that are not.
  8. So happy to know you find someone else's problem with a cruise line so amusing! I am still always amazed at how nasty people can be. My mother always told me when I was a young kid, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!" I guess not everyone learned that, or people just are not as nice these days. ...SMH....
  9. Believe what you want! I am thankful for the useful posts that many have taken time to write! We are going back to the TA tomorrow and find out what hapoened! Many of you make sense. It would seem right that RCI would change the itinerary sooner than a few weeks before the cruise! We will get to the bottom of it. If it is our TA, then we will have to take a good look at that situation! I will make sure she sees the information here. If other TAs knew, she should have! At best, she did not do her homework and did not take the time to doublecheck! At worst, she knew, but booked it anyway! Either way, if it is our TA, we need to remedy this situation right away, before we book anymore trips. But, truly in our booking any kind of trip with her in the past we have not had a problem. She has been that good! 😊 I don't understand why we got a print out of the original itinerary! I suppose that could have come from her files on the computer and NOT the official RCI booking...At any rate, we will be checking in with her tomorrow. I still am okay with our decision not to go. We would have NOT booked the cruise if the new itinerary had shown up. We are not happy eating the cost, but after a long discussion pro and con, we decided what was right for us in our situation. Thank you to all who posted helpful tips and posts! I appreciate them. Our TA will be getting a visit from us tomorrow. I will let you all know what the outcome is. For those who believe this was a troll post, I have nothing to say except that you will believe what you want!
  10. Thank you! I have reported all of the repeated posts and left just one... Thanks for telling me how to do that. And thanks to Merion_Mom too. 💙
  11. How do I get rid of all those duplicate posts? When I posted the one in answer to the above post, it showed that it did not post and I clicked on submit reply again several times. It kept showing that I needed to submit reply. I don't know how to delete all the duplicate posts. Argh! Sorry...I am not used to posting on these boards. It has been quite a while since I have posted. 😕
  12. It is true that we lost that much. We are blessed financially in life... to be able to afford the life we have. It pains me to lose the money, because It is a LOT, but we talked about the circumstances and made our decision based on a number of factors! That is as simple as I can put it!
  13. I suppose, this is possibly true! It would be a first for her, but not impossible to perhaps beloved that is what happened! I just know when hubby came home with the receipt/confimation, it showed that we booked the Cruise with the original ports! When we got the Cruise docs they showed the new itinerary! The receipt/confirmation was from the TA's computer, so I just assumed it printed out what RCI showed as the itinerary...In the future, I am going to definitely be much more proactive about checking the cruises Hubby books, BEFORE they are paid for....I usually let him take care of the bookings...
  14. I am a 65 year old retired, mobility challenged woman and don't attend school! I know exactly what you are insinuating with your "school starts Monday" remark. School actually starts at different times for different schools all over the country, but you are focused on YOUR little corner of the country! My husband is also disabled, we are both retired and we love to cruise. I also caretake my mother at least one week out of every month we are home. I alternate weeks with my siblings and I have to travel by train from Colorado to California to go. It is something I gladly do, because we are very blessed to still have my mom with us! It is not easy, but we do it because we love her! I have to go there in 3 weeks and we thought it would be fun and that we could see some friends in St. Thomas and see the new Coco Cay waterpark on a quick 7 day cruise! But what we got was a problem from RCI instead! We had to make a choice and decided that for us, it would be better to stay home. Three times a year, we take a cruise, all scheduled long in advance due to the type of cruises they are! ! Those months, I cannot go to my mom's and my siblings cover the extra time! They also travel and I help cover the weeks they cannot come. It matters not if YOU believe me, you are a nameless, faceless person on a board about cruising! I had a situation happen that I chose to share on this board because it is about cruising and what happened to us. I just wanted to share it here and quite frankly, I am very surprised by some of the ports that have transpired from my initial post! 😲 Some people have been quite heloful, other's, not so much... This situation happened and I will go to Social Media to report it on RCI pages! It may make more of an impact there! Since these boards seem to have people insulting other's posts, I don't think I will be originating any more threads, unless it is very important. I definitely will not post on RCI threads, since we do not intend to cruise with them again! I will have no reason to offer any opinion on RCI in the future. Other than that, I may or may not participate in other forums about other Cruise Lines on these boards again! If you want a screen shot of my boarding documents and our original booking with our TA, I will be happy to show it to you with names and other personal info blocked out when I can figure out how to do that. I am not very tech friendly, but can learn. I certainly had no expectations of being called a troll or insulted here. I just wanted people to know what happened! We will make the best of the time we would have been on the cruise! Like I said, I would love to be on a ship, but not in this situation! Sometimes people do stand up for what they believe! Whether or not you believe it, is inconsequential to me, I KNOW it happened and does happen in other cases. I tried to be lighthearted about what we would do instead, since we are not going to be in the ship. I guess it came across the wrong way. Have a good evening.
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