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  1. Luggage probably won't be included on domestic flights, unless SW. Most international flights allow 1 or 2 bags, depending on the destination.
  2. Um, getting it from a passenger on the airplane if they flew to the port or people they meet if they leave the ship for excursions. Spread it to people at ports, people on their flight home, and their contacts once they get home. It's not just about spread to those on the ship. Certain ports may be closed as well if passengers aren't vaccinated.
  3. You do realize that Disney has a height requirement for certain rides so short people are excluded from those activities, for their safety. So you best cross that off as an alternative vacation choice as well, since they, in effect, ban children.
  4. Kids aren't banned. But until they have a vaccine for kids, they won't be able to sail if vaccinations are required. Pfizer has test data for 12-16 year olds and seems to be close to submitting for approval.
  5. I don't know when the cancellation deadline would be and yes, you would have to pay everything at final payment, so probably best to cancel then. That wouldn't have helped in my case, since the switcheroo happened after final payment. It was very annoying!
  6. Yipes. Will have to start booking my always-cancels traveling companion. Anyone know how soon you can cancel that phantom person?
  7. I had a b2b booked at one time under the old NCL air promo. I'd booked cruise 1 with airfare, then added cruise 2 later, also with airfare, so just cancelled the flights and transfers I wouldn't need and got a refund. Everything was great until there were itinerary changes and the b2b was no longer possible and I was left with only one-way air for each leg. NCL refused to reinstate the original reduced airfare for the leg I could take, because the promo was no longer available. So if I ever choose to include airfare on a b2b again, I'll most likely book rt for each l
  8. I believe they book both flights, each passenger is charged half. You can't choose, if you search this forum you will find dozens of posts about how free airfare works.
  9. And also ignoring the issue of possible transmission should those unvaccinated children leave the ship. They might not get sick, the vaccinated passengers might not get sick but they could easily pass an infection from port to port - or bring it back home.
  10. I have family with younger children and they won't book a balcony because they don't want to worry about a child climbing on the railing. Not sure why they avoid OV tho.
  11. I was actually thinking in terms of a previous post that mentioned using inside cabins in the event quarantine was necessary for crew. I am fully aware that hallway passing isn't a huge risk. I just don't see NCL doing a free upgrade to outside, as some are betting on. If you want to be comfortable in the event of quarantine, book a comfortable cabin in the first place.
  12. They are more apt to save/restrict access to an entire deck (lowest would be my guess). Restricting inside really doesn't do much, since people still pass in the hallways.
  13. At some point last year during all the cancellations they changed the policy so that the primary on the account could request all the points. I would assume that they could be transferred now if you wish. Certainly your wife could transfer them to your account.
  14. They will attempt to wait for you if you are using the ncl shuttle - think they waited a couple hours in NOLA when flights were delayed. That would depend on how tight the schedule. I believe you can cancel flights up until they are actually booked, even after final payment. But you have no way of knowing when they actually book. But definitely before final payment (although that was when it was 120 days). Airfare is not attached to other perks, so wouldn't cancel anything else. That only happens if you actually rebook. Disclaimer: how it worked pre-covid.
  15. Same cruise here. Sun has disappeared from cruise mapper until Nov, Yokohama. It was still showing the shorter Alaska cruises last week. Not looking good.
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