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  1. Final payment date and refund dates may not always match, so it depends on the refund policy. Back when cancellations were just starting to look like possibilities, NCL changed final payment to 90 days, but the 120 day cancellation policy was still in effect. So people who cancelled before 90 days reportedly had a 25% penalty for whatever they had paid. Word to the wise - NEVER pay early - there is NO reason to do so. Put the money in the bank until you pay.
  2. Currently visiting family in California and hoping that I will have a house to return to next week. Wildfires are all around where I live in Oregon- lots of people already evacuated and burned out. My town in on ready-alert. My house is actually in one of the small "non-alert" areas between major fires, but that could change at any moment, as 10-20 miles isn't much of a buffer. Sadly, some of these fires are arson, so everyone is on neighborhood patrol for arsonists and looters. There are reports of looters even at the evacuation sites - what is wrong with people!!! Having trouble deciding whether I should go home later this week (air quality is off-the-charts bad) or stay put and deal with any aftermath later. Praying for rain this week!
  3. If you booked using fcc that was credited to the account of the person not going, you might have to transfer that fcc to your account. That shouldn't be a problem, just an additional step.
  4. It also may pay to look into using a travel card. They usually have an annual fee but might be worth it (sadly, Costco dropped travel insurance a couple of years ago - that was a sweet deal!). Currently, the insurance they include covers a lot of what you would get through a travel policy, like lost luggage, delays, as well as emergency evacuation and repatriation.
  5. I think it depends on the cruise and the crew. If someone on the crew has specific knowledge, they might offer lectures but it's probably not a given. I've attended lectures on things like the volcanos/ring of fire and stargazing. As I recall, there were panama-canal lectures.
  6. Heck, the next cruise I go on is sounding better and better. I cruise to visit ports of interest, not for the ship atmosphere. I take NCL excursions because I usually travel solo and the NCL excursions need no planning, are cheap for one and are readily available. Call me a sheep all you want - I'm in the "we're all in this together" so it's a matter of what works for all, not my perceived rights as an individual if they in any way will harm another. I don't drink, don't use the pool, and I'm not a foodie. So restrict and regulate away - leaves more room for the rest of us!
  7. I don't know what perks are offered in Australia and New Zealand, but I do know that the perks vary by county - some for example apparently get free DSC/gratuities and have later dates for final payment, so who gets the better perks depends on what you want. With a few exceptions, the airfare isn't free; I've used it because for me it was convenient but I've also been able to save money by making my own arrangements when flying overseas. BTW, my "free" airfare for my NZ/AUS cruise was $999 - not exactly free. I also know that some people from outside the US use the US site and/or US agents for booking, although I think airfare is only from selected cities and within the US.
  8. Alaska cruises included "free airfare" just recently (I booked July 28th), but seems to be gone now. As to whether or not it is free all depends. I considered booking in April (with a free airfare promo) and didn't - changed my mind and booked last month, $450 more, same perks. Could re-book now without airfare, for $400 less. So cruise is now more, without airfare, than it was earlier when airfare was included. And yes, my airfare was actually free since I'm only flying from Oregon. Right now, it's pretty much a wash for me, but if the prices go down, I would probably re-book. So just keep watch - I would guess that NCL made some sort of deal with the airlines that fly to Alaska, so I'd expect to see it periodically. Even in the past there wasn't really any way to reliably predict when they will offer free airfare, when the best prices will be and if the airfare is worth it. Under current conditions it's probably even less predictable. I've booked my cruise with the airfare - I have plenty of time to re-book if the prices and perks change, so I just keep watch.
  9. I added a 2nd person to my room (initially booked solo and had already paid double) well after final payment and the only thing I had to pay was port fees. The caveat on doing that is there is always the possibility that the lifeboat capacity is maxed out and you can't add another person.
  10. Nah, you are just hoping for a do-over for 2020. I'm up for that! I had some really good deals on cruises - not only are the deals gone, so are some of the itineraries.
  11. Your bank doesn't investigate when you file a dispute. They essentially take your word for it (or look at what you've submitted) when you say you've been wronged and give you the benefit of the doubt. They give you a credit and wait for the merchant to respond. The merchant either accepts the chargeback or denies it. No need for the bank to do anything else unless the merchant denies the claim. But if you want to believe that NCL won't respond, then far be it for me to tell you otherwise. Risks - the most obvious one would be if the claim for cash instead of fcc is denied and you've already spent the money. Other possibilities are a hit on your credit, bank closes your card, NCL denies you use of that card for any future transactions, NCL bans you from future cruises. Will they happen - it all depends. NCL has been known to ban people in the past, hard to say what criteria they would use. Saw on a different cruise line forum where someone claimed their relative has been banned now because of a chargeback. Most likely scenario in my opinion is that NCL will block any CC that has a dispute attached. But I'm sure you and your buddy Fido Chuckwagon will have some not-so-clever comebacks on how I am so misinformed. Doesn't hurt my feelings. Just please come back in a few months and fess up if things don't happen the way you say they will like the person in the example I posted earlier.
  12. Hmmm - I don't remember saying not to file a chargeback - just that if you do, you do so at your own risk. And there are risks. And there are terms of service, which NCL will stand by. Interesting that you ask for results but when they don't agree with what you are expecting, you take offense. And FYI, I have used the chargeback process in the past (not for NCL) and I won. And then I lost when the merchant disputed, long after my credit was permanent. And I filed an appeal. And I had proof that the merchant had invalidated the contract. And I still lost.
  13. From a soul-mate of yours, someone who posted anywhere and everywhere (to the extent that posts were closed and/or deleted) to do a chargeback. In this particular case, they were due a refund but just didn't want to wait. Announced multiple times that it was a done-deal - even got a check (never mentioned the 6/24 proviso however). Kudos because he had the decency to update the outcome. People who were not due a refund (they cancelled or didn't apply for the cash during the specified refund period) have also posted that they lost their case, getting notified long after they thought it was over. Just stating the facts as I've seen them, not expressing an opinion - so no need to get your hackles up and make accusations regarding cheerleading, etc. Just following your suggestion to post results.
  14. The default is FCC unless you specifically request a cash refund. I had only a CN deposit, so those just went back into my account. But that does remind me that I should have gotten a 25% credit on my deposit - I'll have to check on that. Per the April 13 letter re: cancellation of the Sun cruises to Alaska in 2020: All guests will receive a refund in the form of a future cruise credit worth 125% of the fare paid, which will be valid for a period of one year and can be applied to any future published sailing through December 31, 2022. All future cruise credits will be available April 20, 2020. Additionally, guests who rebook their vacation by April 27, 2020 for any sailing beginning October 1, 2020 will receive a 20% discount off the voyage fare. ' For guests who do not wish to avail themselves of the 125% future cruise credit, a 100% refund of the fare paid will be reimbursed to the original form of payment within 90 days of completing the request form at https://www.ncl.com/case-submission/sun-alaska-form. The form will be made available beginning April 20, 2020 and must be submitted by April 27, 2020.
  15. My policy is through my previous employer and as such is negotiated specifically for retirees and isn't available to the general public. There isn't any specific wording with respect to cruising, just travel within/outside the US. Medicare will not pay for services outside the US, so the only way to get coverage (outside of a travel policy) is to have a supplemental or advantage plan with those provisions. While I think it's a common coverage, many also have a lifetime cap. Currently, mine does not. The terms of the 2021 plans will be available soon - hopefully it won't have exclusions!
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