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  1. when you are buying them directly from NCL there is a limit of 8. I don't know if you can stockpile them - might be a good thing to ask NCL before buying too many.
  2. There is no way to tell how long you will wait. They fill the bus and so you might have to wait, you might be the last to board. When I took it, I was last to board, so no waiting at all so I don't have any idea how long the others had been there. I had a late flight (NCL-arranged) and so there was no waiting at check-in. But there was a delayed flight after mine, so I did see first-hand experience of NCL making good on waiting if flights were delayed. They had a bus waiting for the delayed flight and the ship waited (2 hrs as I recall) for those passengers. They checked them in on-board and they had to do a make-up muster drill the next day.
  3. Count me as always getting an offer. Twice on one cruise - once to upgrade my original cabin and then again to upgrade after I'd upgraded (at no cost when prices went down). Don't always get the email but when I log in, the upgrade banner would be there. I have gotten the offer as early as 110+ days out - still waiting to hear on that one. For an upcoming cruise I noticed the banner around 80 days out, bid was accepted 11 days later. I personally feel that offers may be random but are also based on a combination of factors. You are more likely to get an offer if you have a cabin that they think they can resell for that cruise - and undersold inventory for a category upgrade. On port-intensive cruises, people may choose inside or OV instead of balcony. If OV then sells out (which is the situation where I won my bid), they want to bump people out of the OV's and into balconies or suites. Also numbers matter - easier to move a solo or double than a family.
  4. As far as I know they can be used on any cruise 6 days or longer, regardless of current promos. Shareholder obc is separate and is available regardless of promos or how you pay for your cruise.
  5. They can only be used for deposits for future cruises - one or two, depending on when you book, what you book, and what promos they might be running. They cannot be used for anything but deposits, so not a gift card per se.
  6. Let me see. I fly to my destination, so if I want to have water available during the flight, I either have to bring an empty bottle with me or buy something at the airport. And that's the bottle I use for taking ashore during the cruise. No additional cost because NCL won't give me a bottle.
  7. You could get the best, you could get the worst or anything in-between. Empty cabins do not necessarily mean nobody wanted them - people cancel and people upgrade, leaving desirable cabins empty. Sometimes a good cabin is available but difficult to sell because of crowd-control (there are limits to how many people can be in any given location due to lifeboat capacity). They might want your room because of location or category, so are offering the upgrade to a category with lots of nice but undersold cabins. Anything is possible.
  8. Yup - Prices are more or less a package deal, so unless you are booking sailaway without perks it's often hard to actually compare, depending on what perks work for you. Holding on to my 30% & 20% black friday deals, and free air or double excursion credits for my upcoming cruises at least for now.
  9. I've actually been on the receiving end of that guarantee a couple of times. Ship (and tender) waited nearly 2 hours because our excursion left late (communication issue, not sure who was at fault) and NCL chose to allow the excursion to last the full amount of time - full communication between tour and NCL at all times. On an Alaska trip, someone I was traveling with decided to independently book the last train and it was delayed. The ONLY reason the ship waited was because fortunately there were people on the train who had booked through NCL.
  10. That might be true if you are traveling as a couple or a group. But as a solo cruiser, NCL excursions are a convenience and sometimes cheaper. Plus little effort on my part - no transportation issues, no searching for my tour, no worries about getting back to the ship (only NCL excursions are guaranteed, despite what the tour groups tell you). When I apply the full $50 (or $100 when I've snagged a double excursion perk), plus a 10% discount I'm getting a pretty good deal most of the time, assuming there is an excursion that goes where I want to go.
  11. Mine does that as well sometimes, as that's what I usually choose. I think it probably has to do with cookies that remember previous choices if you've done a mock booking for that same cruise.
  12. That is exactly how it works. The problem is that when I've called to reserve my excursions, they tell me the discounted price and tell me it will be applied - absolutely no mention of contacting the shorex reps once onboard. A simple fix but if you don't know to get it fixed, you pay full price.
  13. As far as I know, a TA calls and speaks to NCL, just like the rest of us would do if we booked through NCL. They just have a different number to call. I've done a couple of upgrades and usually my TA just calls and it's taken care of in a matter of minutes.
  14. Somebody (NCL) is confused. Since you can cancel without penalty up until final payment is due, there is nothing to stop you from re-booking (unless you have a specific room preference). You get the perks available with the "new" booking, which can sometimes be better. I would assume that it is actually easier for them to change a reservation than to cancel and re-book, but I don't know that for a fact. After final payment is a different story and a single upgrade/refund (obc) is usually the limit, although I did a double upgrade on my first cruise. BTW, it is not uncommon to get wrong info/different info from each an every person you speak to at NCL.
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