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  1. Because of the possibility of someone getting COVID and having the cruise shut down
  2. Children are still developing, so medications and vaccines could potentially affect that development process. Research is often done with adults only, and is very common with anything new. Once something is determined to be safe and effective in adults, only then would children be included in trials. If you check your medicine cabinet, you will find that many medications (otc or rx) have specific warnings against giving to children.
  3. No, the vaccines are not basically the same. J&J is completely different than Moderna or Pfizer, which are fairly similar.
  4. True in theory - but I've often brought back a bottle of soda and/or water after going ashore and it's never been confiscated. Always in plain sight in the outside pocket of my backpack.
  5. Sen Patty Murray of Washington state blocked the CRUISE act. So no support for Alaska cruises out of Seattle.
  6. ?????? What exactly do you expect a pcc to do? They aren't the ones making decisions on itineraries, cancellations, etc. Best they can do is make sure your discounts, credits and so on get applied correctly - and I've got that part covered, no need to "hassle" anyone.
  7. Not expecting two from the same cancelled cruise. There is a difference between "one per customer" and "one per cancelled cruise". 2 different letters sent out. My just cancelled Alaska cruise is still in my account, so don't know anything yet; I didn't get anything from the cancelled cruise it replaced, so no 10% to return but a new one would be a little helpful.
  8. I hope not...I'm booked on that Singapore to Sydney cruise!
  9. Letter dated April 28th, same as you. Pretty much the same wording as prior cancellation - and I had to fight to get the 10%, even tho I didn't have an unused one in my account. So time will tell.
  10. Must be a regional thing - here's what I got (USA): Having said that, when my last cruise was cancelled, I had to fight to get a 2nd certificate, even though I already applied the first one to a replacement cruise. 3 cancelled cruises should give me 3 certificates if I read this correctly, as long as I continue to rebook each time something is cancelled.
  11. Just the standard 10% discount coupon, only if you don't have an unused one in your account. Based on prior experience, you might not even get that - I had to fight to get my "second" one with a previous cancellation, even though I'd already applied the first one. They'll tell you it's one to a customer...hopefully they got enough flak that they fixed it.
  12. Nope. Cancellation letter came out this morning.
  13. I have seen some posts speculating that staying in the same cabin might not be allowed, due to cleaning protocols. So hard to actually say what will happen.
  14. I agree. Too many false test results for me to be comfortable using testing as a criteria for boarding.
  15. Not the same procedure at all in this instance. I get my flu shot from my pharmacy, not a mass-vaccination event, and they bill insurance. And if I had gotten my covid vaccine from a pharmacy, it might have been a different story. But no insurance billing, no EOB.
  16. I got mine through my county health department and was never asked to provide any insurance information. To be honest, I wasn't even asked for id. So to my knowledge, Medicare wasn't billed in my case and I expect the fact that Medicare was billed in your case is more of an exception than the rule.
  17. Yes, you are probably being realistic but I'm still booked on the Sun in September. No new bookings but not cancelled (yet). It's a double-whammy, being 9 days, going to Alaska. But NCL seems to be holding on to it for now and the ship is in place (drydock in Portland) to go IF anything changes.
  18. I just flew and at one of the airports they just merged the lines but gave me a laminated "pre check" card so I didn't have to empty my bag or take off my shoes. For me, that in itself makes it worth having at least TSA Pre check.
  19. Funny how you keep avoiding addressing the issues with "natural" Covid immunity. And it's not that 5% won't be protected. Some may still have a much milder case. BTW, Moderna now has sufficient data to apply for FDA permanent approval.
  20. So far, the vaccines are reporting some effectiveness against some of the variants (which are becoming too numerous to even track). Not so much the "natural immunity" at least in this case. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/a-city-in-brazils-amazon-rain-forest-is-a-stark-warning-about-covid-to-the-rest-of-the-world/
  21. Well, we in the US don't get the same perks that other countries get. Some areas get free gratuities for example. I may be wrong but I believe I've seen posts from people booking through a US agency and paying in USD in order to get " US" perks, although I don't know if they are better in the long run, depending on how they affect the final cost.
  22. Not at all. You continually state that natural immunity is better. And that covid itself isn't that big of a deal for most. I had mumps and chickenpox as a child and I survived - those diseases are generally mild in children but not so in adults. Plus if requiring vaccine vs natural immunity is discrimination, isn't requiring immunity at all just as discriminatory?
  23. Luggage probably won't be included on domestic flights, unless SW. Most international flights allow 1 or 2 bags, depending on the destination.
  24. Kids aren't banned. But until they have a vaccine for kids, they won't be able to sail if vaccinations are required. Pfizer has test data for 12-16 year olds and seems to be close to submitting for approval.
  25. I don't know when the cancellation deadline would be and yes, you would have to pay everything at final payment, so probably best to cancel then. That wouldn't have helped in my case, since the switcheroo happened after final payment. It was very annoying!
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