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  1. Wishing you all a safe return. I see you are from New Zealand and not on South Africa's ban list. Hope that helps in your travels. The Norwegian Jewell is also in transit after being turned away from ports.
  2. I've been in contact with a friend who is currently on the Norwegian Spirit. They have had at least 19 sea days so far with many cancelled ports. They are currently heading to Capetown , South Africa where they were to disembark on March 22. The South African government has declared a state of disaster and has declared a ban on travel from 8 countries including the United States as well as closed most ports. Needless to say , neither she or anyone on board, knows what is to happen next. She had mentioned yesterday that they had run out of fresh vegetables and were being served c
  3. I've seen about Pride of America but can't find any reports about the Star to Orlando for this weekend.
  4. So now elderly folks have to go into a doctor's office where there are probably sick folks to prove they are healthy. At least they were when they walked into that waiting room.😆
  5. We go to the MDR for a 3 course lunch with a glass of wine!
  6. I had the 250 minute package. I used my ipad mini . Make sure its on airplane mode and most importantly follow the directions for logging off. Several folks I spoke to lost their minutes when they didn't log off. We were on a 10 day cruise and I face timed family almost everyday as well as well as sent emails. That's about 25 minutes a day and adequate unless you're going to want to be in contact with work etc..
  7. Looking to book the Jade out of Athens for September. Can anyone tell me the best way to get from Airport to Port? If we book transfer with NCL are we likely to have to wait until a bus fills up before transfer? TIA
  8. We had 250 minutes for our 10 day cruise. I found it reliable. I used it to send and check emails and Face timed family almost every day. Actually had about 10 minutes left at end of cruise. As others have said its important to log out the proper way or your minutes can get eaten up. When you log out it should take you to a page with the account info and minutes used and remaining. You'll need to make sure your device is in airplane mode to use it.
  9. We find it takes about almost 2 hours to have a completely relaxed dinner in Le Bistro. I would not want to go into dinner having to keep an eye out on the time to make a show.
  10. Agree with other posters. We received both discounts but did check to make sure we were credited the 10%.
  11. We made reservations for pick up at the airport with CityCab https://www.citycabpr.com/ which gets good reviews. I know we gave them all information but have not gotten any confirmation . Has anyone used this company? If so did you hear from them promptly or did it take several days? TIA
  12. Thank you all for your responses. I emailed my Cruise Consultant and received a prompt answer that she would send me confirmation, which she did. Load off my mind.
  13. We've had to cancel a cruise in May. I contacted my Cruise consultant to do so. That was 5 days ago. Still showing as booked on website. How long does it normally take to cancel a cruise? We are still 22 days out from final payment so should not be a problem.
  14. I know there is a thread on the changes made to Epic southern Caribbean cruises which affected us for January cruise. Yesterday we booked a cruise on Escape leaving from Rome and ending Southampton in May 2020. It was suppose to include Barcelona. Just received an email with itenerary change. No Barcelona. We are going to Tarragona , Spain instead. I sure hope this isn't the beginning of many port changes. Anyone been to Tarragona? I did google it and it looks like it might be a good visit but was looking forward to Barcelona.
  15. Thank you all for your advice. Will be checking into the options.
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