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  1. so any cruise from Sydney in Nov or Dec 2020 likely to be cancel too ?
  2. tell me about it, we can't wait to sail again... We are also looking at the Hawaii cruise from San Diego Nov 2020 but also very interested in the 14days New Zealand from Sydney, not nervous about Covid not one bit, more worried about cruises being cancel again. 2020 wasn't the best year to cruise for us April QM2 NYC-Southampton canceled May Nieuw Statendam to Norway & fjords canceled (we were both looking forward to that 3* mariner status ) Nov Nieuw Amsterdam Transatlantic from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale also canceled thankfully we had a beautiful 1
  3. Your father is at risk for sure. Both early 40s, we are not fearing the virus itself, its the quarantine we don't want !!!! this was going to be our first cruise on Cunard, we were looking forward to this crossing but the way Cunard is handling this disaster, no way, never again Cunard, will stick with Holland in the future
  4. We are booked on QM2 from NYC on April 25th and we were waiting for the travel advice from the Canadian Government. Now thankfully We can cancel and claim that stupid penalty Cunard is asking to pay 500$ thru our travel insurance. Given the circumstances I am bewildered on how Cunard is handling this crisis ( charging a penalty and 90days to rebook ) #neveragainCunard https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/latest-travel-health-advice.html#cruise
  5. My partner (Alex) and I (Eric) are booked on this Panama canal voyage from Fort Lauderdale. Anyone joining us on this cruise ? We like to meet new cruisers 🚢
  6. Looking forward to hear about your experience on Nieuw Statendam. We are looking at her TA voyage for next Oct 2020.
  7. My partner ( Alex ) and I ( Eric ) will be sailing on Rotterdam from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego. We just came back from 2 B2B cruises on HAL and we fell in love with this cruise line. Very excited about the itinerary and 16 days away from winter wonderland is awesome. Anyone else on this cruise ? Love to make new friends
  8. Hi CruiseGermany, this is our very first Cunard cruise we will see if we like it or not, hopefully we do, because I do fancy some of their itineraries on the QM2. By the time you board, we will be sailing on Nieuw Statendam to the Norwegian fjords and Oslo. I wish you a fun sailing.
  9. I think we did but let me double check and yes we would love to join the M&G.
  10. Oh I hear you single supplement can be quite brutal. We thought the sheltered balconies felt a little bit more wind protected, we shall see in April. I do hope we will be able to walk around the deck at night too ... Many many many years ago I worked as a cabin crew, but 9-11 came... , longer working hours with shorter layovers, numerous layoffs during low season. Sick and tired of greedy passengers, expecting Concorde service on a Ryanair airfare 😵 I resigned after 6 years, I've had enough. Now I work as a civil servant for the city of Montreal, more money, more holidays, more
  11. For the QM2 crossing we are also booked in a sheltered balcony because I wanted to see the waves from this very specific angle. We usually book balcony or higher. So Far we have sailed on Celebrity Summit from San Juan on a 7 day cruise which was fun and last march we tried MSC Preziosa from Martinique but I don't think we will ever sail on MSC again to be quite frank. Food was terrible and we are foodies. That said, the crew was fantastic, the itinerary was lovely Dominica and St Vincent & Grenadines were the highlight of this cruise. September 2019 HAL from Anchorage to Va
  12. How far in advance do you usually book your cruise on Cunard ? Balconies and above sell quite fast if I am not mistaken on Cunard ? Have you sailed on the 2 other Queens or only QM2 ?
  13. Yes first time on her can’t wait to cross the Atlantic
  14. ohh...... that's a bummer 😑 but I think we will enjoy QM2 so much that there will be many more occasions in a near future.
  15. anyone sailing QueenMary2 April 25th 2020 from NYC to Southampton ?
  16. My partner and I will also be on this voyage, see you aboard !!!
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