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  1. The Spirit heading towards Gibraltar :-) close enough to lisbon and our cruise :-))
  2. We're booked to Mediterranean in January (Spirit). I believe it will start, because of the better situation in Europe right now. But the big change: NCL with almost no Americans on board. Will be an European thing this time.
  3. Ask for the "doubleUp", this month you're allowed to use 2 CN on every kind of cabin, the overpayment will reduce your final payment. (same happens if using online one CN), only on phone (did it just a few days ago)
  4. No, you bought the CN "$250", right? Or did you receive a receipt showing a value in GBP? We got an invoice for buying 4x"$250" with a total of $1000. Then they made the exchange and we paid 4x€232. Like NCL on the phone said: We paid €232 for a Certificate which still has a value of $250. Thats also what the invoice says: 4x$250. If the rates go up or down, it stays $250. You can chose to pay your booking in GBP/€ or $. If you want to use your CN in $ they will "book" you in USD. Otherwise CN and booking will happen in GBP.
  5. We got an similar issue (250$=232€). NCL (Germany) told me: it's always possible to change back the CN to $, they will get their initial value of $250. It's also possible to pay in $, so maybe you will have a better exchange rate and the "2 £" problem fixed.
  6. We changed our plans having a cruise to the caribbean in january. Just got a nice offer for Lissabon-Barcelona from jan. 02. No trouble with US border, simply stay in europe 🙂 Wasnt easy to find a fair-priced flight, because of the still blocked middle seats and rows (Lufthansa).
  7. Just off Getaway yesterday. Classic cards with hole on demand
  8. We're on Getaway this sunday, nice, roomy cabin in OA. Offers (minimum) mailed two days ago: Balcony: 70€ Mini-Suite Balcony: 90€ Spa Balcony (B9): 115€ Mini-Spa Balcony (M9): 135€ Compared to our "Panorama Oceanview" in front, and the fact we're not interested in spa, we're only able to bid for a risky cabin. So no bid. But it's possible to bid till we leave for the cruise the agent told us.
  9. You're right. But not all carriers allow WiFi-Calling in foreign countries (maybe that's an European thing, because we "roam like home" everywhere in the EU) We'll try WiFi Calling in Russia, because it's 8€/day for roaming 😭 (calls+internet)
  10. Best "free" solution for calls home will be McDonalds. In Warnemünde, Gdynia, Tallinn you'll find them located at the pier. They will provide at least 1hr of free surfing, maybe its not possible to make whatsapp calls, but its free. Make sure to have more than one messenger prepared, if your first choice wont work.
  11. Depends on the market you're in. German NCL department allows to book Free at sea for 99€ in "sailaway" too. (2 of 5) it's not allowed if your cabin is sail away and "special price" whatever this may be.
  12. We're on the baltic cruise next week, too. We made a reservation for "IX", sail away interior with "Free At Sea". The next day prior our final booking they gave us a call to offer an oceanview for just a few € more. We decided to accept this offer. Two days later we received another call, and got an "panorama" Oceanview at deck 12, nice. The very nice agent on the line told me to give them a call next week again for another "surprise". I'll wait till wednesday :-) That may happen if you book "sail away".
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