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  1. Inside! Hoping for a free upgrade. Booked before the promo.
  2. Getaway eastern sea: no passport taken (2019)
  3. Americans needed a passport to enter the island. Europeans not. We needed a passport to enter the US. I'm not familiar with American rules for identifacation
  4. You're in Schengen if you're on the ship as well. Don't know how the authority it handles in Martinique. We had a pre-covid cruise on another European caribic island. Did not need a passport (it was Schengen, and I'm European) americans needed a passport.
  5. Martinique is a part of France. Non-Schengen visitors need a passport.
  6. wait time almost 60min but 40% for helthcare
  7. Like Ziggytold, it appears in under each name. That make €200 per person.
  8. MSC shows €200 per Person not Cabin in current booking :-)
  9. We're "insiders" just to sleep in our room. Every day is excursion day. Including seadays. Enough to do on a big ship. Try to get platinum just for fun, the hunt. Would stay in haven if I could afford it. But no need for it. Everyone has its type of cabin and sort of vacation. Let's cruise together :-) (fom a bronze now)
  10. No. Just "classic" flights. Not as a perk.
  11. If I take the provided booking code from NCL and use it at Lufthansa it works fine and shows the same flights. Maybe NCL will change the complete booking or lufthansa does a bit but we have something to plan with now.
  12. Ask your NCL consultant, if you're booked direct via NCL they should have your flight details. Got our details for march 22 two weeks ago made as screenshot by our consultant
  13. we got 75$ OBC as Latitude "Perk" to the 5 perks added (in add. too SpanAliens post, we got "OBCINTL"
  14. Not per stateroom. It's for the first person in the stateroom. This person must use it. If you choose a 49$ excursion for two people. The first one get this for free and "looses" a dollar. The second pays 49$. This is like the NCL app shows exc.bookings.
  15. Getaaways Le Bistro was awesome in 2019. Hope to see a Le Bistro back soon. There will ever be something found to enjoy! First thing we plan is our evening there 🙂
  16. We booked our air (BER-FRA-JFK and BCN-MUC-BER) for march/April 2022 yesterday at a really low price! We got good connections, all Lufthansa and it's cheaper than Ryanair/easyJet only BCN-BER. Newer seen that low prices :-)
  17. The who-pass only shows your vaccinations, no other health info.
  18. Our PCC asks for a special occasion as well. We got an anniversary cake-voucher in cabin without a written note on our booking.
  19. Do Americans have no yellow WHO-vac passport? I believe this one is accepted worldwide!? Don't think your "cdc-document" will be accepted that much. Especially if it's only written in English. (greetings to our french friends )
  20. May! September is partly Summer-Break in school.
  21. We're booked on the 04l22 Epic transatlantic New York to Barcelona. Now cruise incl Air appeared, 800€ more. Will the air offered additional to a booked cruise be the same amount like the difference between this 2 bookings? (Its cheaper to book on expedia than 800€ right now)
  22. For booking made thru NCL US.... european deviation is 30 days +/- cruise
  23. We booked a cruise thru a TA. Back home from this (first NCL) cruise we got a call from "our new" PCC asking for our experience. Next two cruises were booked on phone with this nice PCC. She's really good reachable via email or phone. Everything solved really quick.
  24. Transatlantic on the Epic in 4/22 over 100 listed excursions
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