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  1. Cranky 64 - we also requested for a refund December 10 for our April 2021 sailing. This was a rebooked sailing and we no longer need the TA as a means for transporting our dog, therefore asked for the refund. I did notice today that I can no longer access our booking when logging onto Cunard. I am taking this as positive news the cancellation refund will be issued shortly. Our kennel refund took 3.5 months when Cunard initially cancelled back in March 2020 for our April 2020 (we didn't ask for the refund as we had booked kennel space for April 2021 - they apparently were refunding any "extras"
  2. Thank you, IB2, that is helpful to know about peak cancellations around 90 days before embarkation.
  3. Boxers and any mix of boxer are banned on American Airlines and Delta, due to their snub-nose (or hereditary features). This is posted on their website. Also at this time, neither are accepting of any cargo/checked pets.
  4. Thanks for your comments. I'm not trying to jump the wait-list. I figured it would be easier on Cunard at this time, rather than calling in every week to check, to be informed if someone canceled. Also, if there is a wait list, Cunard will not book me before others, so again, no intentions of going in front of anyone else.
  5. Hi, we were on the voyage leaving Southampton on April 18 to NYC with our large dog. Since the trip was cancelled we have rescheduled for next April 2021 (the earliest booking available). Our dog cannot fly due to breed type (boxer mix) and thus we are "stuck" in Europe for an additional year. Once the QM2 commences sailing again, if anyone that has a large kennel (2) booked on a voyage this year and cancels, could you let us know. We are willing to take any trip from Southampton to NYC as long as it is before April 2021. Many thanks!
  6. Two crew are currently being tested for COVID-19 on QM2, per the article linked below. I hope all crew and passengers are feeling well and this is just a precaution. https://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/kwazulu-natal/covid-19-tests-carried-out-on-crewmen-onboard-queen-mary-2-45737493
  7. Cunard has yet again revised the US cancellation schedule, which is the strictest yet: Cancellation Fee schedule will be as follows 31 to 59 Days to Sail: 50% of net fare 15 to 30 Days to Sail: 75% of net fare 0 to 14 Days to Sail: 100% of net fare There is now no FCC offered when canceling less than 60 days.
  8. Yes, they carry passengers but the companies we have looked at do not carry animals as they are not able to clear border control with pets. We certainly appreciate the alternative measures. And if we missed a company that does allow pets, happy to have that contact information.
  9. This is my concern as well. My husband and dog are booked for April 18 TA and if he doesn't make it due to cancellations, we are unsure what we will do as the dog cannot fly (part boxer so he is a banned breed).
  10. Well, if you knew my husband, you would understand why we have to stay in the kennels. It's a tad noisy some days but ordering "off-menu" is a lovely perk.
  11. Thanks John. We certainly hope it does work out. Yes, very thankful Cunard allows pets aboard. We have used their kennels previously and were very happy with them.
  12. My husband and dog are on the 18th of April TA. I sure hope Cunard continues this cruise.
  13. Hi, if your final destination is NY, you will want to review the importation requirements for NY, which does require rabies vaccination for animals over 3 months. A certificate of veterinary inspection is also required and issued within 30 days of entry. Pet passports are not accepted in NY. I will note the CDC and the USDA does not require rabies vaccination to enter the country, as you are coming from the UK, which is considered rabies free, so this makes it confusing. If NY is not your final destination, than you will want to review the state's importation requirements to verif
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