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  1. I'm taking my mom on the upcoming Sept 1st Eclipse sailing to Alaska for her 50th birthday. After paying for the cruise itself I don't have much extra money leftover so I'm wondering the importance of having a meal at one of the specialty dining restaurants. While my mom and I both love food, I wouldn't say we have the most refined pallette (we consider Olive Garden "fine dining") so will we be just as happy eating solely in the MDR (and the buffet for some breakfasts and lunches) or are we missing out by not exploring some of the other dining options? I also feel like if we don't dine end up dining at one of the specialty restaurants we could use that money to have a meal in one of the Alaskan ports so I'm just trying to figure out which would be more special/enjoyable for my mom. If we did end up having a specialty dining meal it would probably be at the Tuscan Grille (my mom is a vegetarian so I don't think Qsine would work, we don't eat Sushi, and Murano's menu looks a bit too fancy for us 😂) I would really appreciate any opinions or insight! Thanks so much!
  2. Hello everyone! I am cruising September 1st and got an email about 2 weeks ago informing me of an offer to receive $100 OBC if you sign up for the Celebrity credit card and make a purchase within 90 days. I signed up, received the card, used it, and now the 10,000 bonus points are showing as "pending". So I looked at the fine print and it says that it can take 6-8 weeks for points to be credited to your account 😫 does anyone have any personal experience with receiving the bonus credit? Did it actually take that long for yours to appear? Thanks!
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