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  1. Manhattan room is louder - much larger room and periodic floor shows. I have a mild hearing loss and find it much easier to have a conversation in Savor/Taste. My companions never had issues in Manhattan, so I don't think the noise level is intrusive overall.
  2. I'll buck the trend and say the Encore. To me, the 24 hour pub is important. I'm not opposed to the quality of the food in the buffet but I find it to be a bit of a hassle. Having someone wait on me is part of the pampering I enjoy on vacation.
  3. I was on the Breakaway in October. There was the family song with crew members standing around after one of the performances, but it wasn't the last night. I remember being surprised that it was so early but I don't recall it was 2 or 3 days before the end. Also, on previous cruises a video was shown of the exact cruise we were on - various games shows and such had the people in the crowd. Instead of it being played during the farewell piece it was just on in the atrium while we were disembarking.
  4. I was in my 40s before I had the confidence to solo travel. I wish I had started sooner! Instead I found "anyone" who would go with me and it wasn't always a good cabin mate situation.
  5. A few other cruise hacks I've picked up on - a universal adapter with USB slots is a great help. Limited outlets are available, so with the adapter you can use the European outlet to charge phone/watch/tablet without interfering with the need for curling iron, etc. Magnets - and particularly magnet hooks. I haven't been on the Bliss yet, but I've found the closets on other ships too short for maxi dresses. A strong magnet hook lets me hang them on a wall up near the ceiling so it isn't an issue. Yoga mat strap! It can be used to essentially give your beach towel a
  6. Actually, I've always been able to book this in advance. I just checked and it appears as an option for my Feb 2021 cruise too. It's on My NCL, under the Beverage Packages and Venues.
  7. It's actually a bit of both. There is a section of the menu that remains each day - maybe titled Classics? And then there is a different section that rotates each day. The menu will be posted outside the restaurant so you can decide in advance whether you wish to eat there, but it only goes up a few hours before the meal. It is likely too late to get a specialty menu reservation by the time they are posted. Your options would be buffet, O'Sheehans/Local, or room service instead. The dessert menus also rotate, but they are not posted.
  8. They do have the Concierge class though. The Family Inside has a virtual balcony. If you are considering traveling with someone, the 2 bedrooms suite can be more affordable than two separate rooms with studios. I'm considering that for a trip with my dad.
  9. I've sailed both studios and inside staterooms. I much prefer the studios. The inside room felt like a closet - cruise line decided that X number of furnishings was appropriate and crammed them in however they fit. The studio felt more spacious even with lower square footage, simply because it was designed better.
  10. The top of the stool in the cabin is generally removable and you can put that over your table for an additional few inches of space.
  11. I've never added a person, but I can tell you how shore excursion perk works. It only appears on one person's account and they get all of the credit. If that person does not take an excursion one of the days, the amount is lost.
  12. Another thing to keep in mind is total trip price for the cruises. From the Midwest at least, flights to Boston or NY are significantly cheaper than to Miami. The several hundred I save on airfare would balance out the higher cruise price.
  13. One other difference in the ships is the Concierge class on the Joy. It's not as "First Class" as the Haven, but service wise it is a step above the regular rooms. I haven't been on either boat yet, but I figure it's worth a mention.
  14. There is something called Advance Check In for New Orleans that I've seen mentioned. There is a station at the port where you can check in your bag and they'll deliver it to the airport for you. So you would still need to obtain the luggage from the "warehouse" but could enjoy the luggage free day. I believe it was $25 per bag or $40 or two, but not sure that is current info.
  15. No specifics can be quoted for any port stops. Aside from weather changes that impact the exact arrival time, there is also the customs piece. No one is getting off until they say so.
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