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  1. For me, I hear about the upgrades by voicemail. If I have unused Cruise Next certificates, I end up with multiple sales pitch voicemails to my cabin.
  2. I don't mind the bathroom setup in itself - it's fine for the studio rooms. But I feel like if I was in a shared room, I'd feel a bit exposed when my cabin mate had the door to the hallway open.
  3. I've had two experiences with the transfers. In LAX, my flight didn't arrive until after noon. It was part of the Free Air promo - I would not have picked it! We were absolutely going to use the bus because we knew the ship wouldn't leave without us. It was a pleasant experience, since most people had already gone to the Port. We left the airport minutes after getting our bags and had zero wait time checking in on the boat. In Miami, I arrived at maybe 10am. Got assigned to boarding group 12 (seemed like one group per bus). Group 1 was not even called until about 30 minutes later. I spent several hours in the airport waiting for my bus which was a bit irritating. A cab would have been less frustrating at the airport...but I still would have been waiting at the port to board the boat. It's just a matter of where you wait when you arrive early.
  4. On the Breakaway in October that used facial recognition. You did have the option to opt out if you didn't wish to use it. They did have separate lines for US Passport holders and "Other". Plus there something about Canadians meeting in the MDR for stickers. I was traveling with a petite person (maybe 5 ft?) and the facial recognition did not work for her - they thought perhaps it was because of the angle they needed to tilt the camera since the tripod itself didn't go up and down. But she just stopped at the desk that was right between the cameras and was finished almost as quickly as me.
  5. The Sail Away category will not get the extra bonus point if you chose a Latitudes sailing, but will still get the single point per night.
  6. I have no experience with the premium package, but I can tell you the standard one is pretty slow. If your documents are small you should be able to upload/download them eventually, but if something is graphics heavy it may time out on you. How time sensitive is the work and do you have an international data plan? The worst case scenario is you download in port, do the work offline, and then upload at the next port stop rather than deal with ship wifi.
  7. Wouldn't connecting rooms solve the issue, since the internal doors could be left open? Unless you are looking to book one outside and one inside or a similar configuration.
  8. Even without the drink package, lemonade and flavored water are free from the fountain dispensers. There is a strawberry kiwi flavored water. I think the other is mango, but I'm not sure. Juices are also included at breakfast times - orange, apple, and cranberry.
  9. My cruise stopped off near Cabo before the scheduled port day due to a medical emergency. The short timeframe seems to fit.
  10. Another factor is school summer break. The warmest times in Alaska also carry the highest likelihood of many kids on board. For me, I'd prefer to take a few degrees cooler weather and go in the shoulder season of May or Sept. With an Alaskan cruise, the munchkins don't expend as much energy with the deck/pool options that are common for warm weather cruises. Having all that energy trapped inside gave my Alaskan cruise a much more hectic feel than my more relaxed Caribbean ones.
  11. Has this changed? When I was traveling with 2 people in an Oceanview, both of us were required to purchase the soda package. It was only if there were "extra" passengers 3 & 4 that did not. However, that was in 2017.
  12. I was on the Breakaway in October and had no problem using FaceTime with the internet package. It did interact oddly with some applications. For example, Amazon Music refused to acknowledge there was an internet connection. This was only the perk package, not the upgraded version. We were in a balcony room - I'm not sure if that had anything to do with the connection level.
  13. Don't forget Cyber Monday! Another piece to add more confusion!
  14. Costa Maya has a nice little mall right in the port area. It's the one port on that itinerary where I don't feel an excursion is necessary. Aside from the shopping, there is a small pool and some small demos/shows happening within walking distance from the ship. The port in Roatan is much smaller and less interesting. If you don't have plans for an excursion, I don't consider it worth getting off the ship there.
  15. There are sanitizers now that form barriers on the skin, supposedly protecting for 24 hours. I use a brand called Nano and I've also seen Prefense. I have a compromised immune system and I've managed to stay healthy during my travels.
  16. I feel like it is 10% - but I don't entirely trust my memory. I know that the Latitude loyalty discount starts out at Silver and is 15% for port days, so I'm sure the general discount is lower. They will periodically run specials on board as well, but I don't recall seeing anything for a mani-pedi. Usually it's massage or facial packages.
  17. I agree - the waiters are fine with multiple orders. In one case I needed to argue against it! I didn't particular care for whatever I had order and left most of it on my plate. I don't believe it was poorly made or anything; it was simply a matter of me trying something new and learning it wasn't to my taste. The poor guy was really insistent that I try something else. I had to explain several times that there was limited space left in the tummy and having dessert was a much better use of it than another entree. 🙂
  18. Just bring a large refillable bottle - there are lots of insulated options. Glasses provided by the buffet area are ridiculously tiny and sometimes it's a decent walk to a bar. Better to stock up while it's handy and be good for a few hours.
  19. This actually can vary - I've encountered situations where the server brought out multiple selections at once. Since we were at a small 2 person table it definitely an issue space-wise. We quickly learned to advise the server on the order we wished. "May I please have the salad first & THEN the soup....". You can certainly eat on your own if you want to be completely self paced or attend the solo traveler meetup. In my case, our solo group always had generous sized tables (like space for twelve when there were 5 of us) so having extra plates present would not have been an issue.
  20. I booked a cruise with double points this week and I do have LATVIP as one of my promo codes, so I believe you are correct.
  21. Is there a specific "bill breaker" functionality on the casino machines? I guess I never paid attention. I normally just feed my large bill into a slot machine and lose 25 cents, then cash in the voucher. Then I can mentally categorize it as a potential windfall instead of a straight fee. 🙂
  22. The entire island is not cash only. There is a jewelry store with cute little charms that make great souvenirs. They take Visa/Mastercard, but not Discover. The worker told me that no one on the island could take Discover.
  23. I've always found it hilarious that every cruise I'm on has Pringles for sale. The exact shop may vary - on the Breakaway it was in the liquor store - but they are always there somewhere. I'm assuming someone must be purchasing them or they wouldn't waste space on the display.
  24. Tough to find space at peak times on sea days, but not too bad overall. On the Breakaway last month I was disappointed at how much had been turned into a smoking area. Getaway last year was a small area along the side. Breakaway had entire bar area and most of the seating as smoking areas, Only plus was that it was the opposite side of the water features.
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