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  1. I also bring a universal adapter with me. Cabins have both US and European plugs, so you can convert the European one to work for your devices. My adapter also has USB ports in it, so I don't need a separate one. The remodeled ships have some USB ports already, but if you have multiple people with phones/tablets/smart watches then additional ports are helpful. That gets me enough space that I don't need to pack bulkier cords.
  2. Just make sure you download the app and have it available on all devices before you leave. I made a point to download it on my iPad but didn't think about my iPhone, since it was already there from previous cruises. Apple had archived it to save space due to lack of recent use. NCL gives you a free 10 mins of internet to get the app downloaded at sea, but it was so slow that I couldn't get it completed.
  3. In my experience, you will not be choosing your tags if you are taking the NCL shuttle. They provide you with the tags in your stateroom when they assign which group you are leaving with to accommodate their shuttle times.
  4. My flight info is available! I've not received email notification like last time, but it was present in my edocs. The record locator number was incorrect, but since it listed specific flights I was able to search on AA.com and find it. It was ticketed on Sept 11 which was 32 days out. They booked my traveling companion and I both in middle seats, even in different rows, so I did an immediately seat change to place us together before it sold out.
  5. You selected your airport of choice when you booked the free air. I'm not sure Midway was even an option, but you should be safe if you selected O'Hare. I booked free airfare on a cruise out of LAX last March, coming from ORD. We flew American and were able to log in with our record locator to change seats, so I'm assuming it was not Basic service. We did not arrive in LA until about 1pm which made me very nervous but worked out fine. First time ever boarding a cruise without standing in line! The flight home was not optimal. It left around 8pm. We chose to go to the airport early and do standby, but because of a cancelled flight there were zero options left on the earlier flights.
  6. This was NOT a good experience for me last year on the Getaway. I've done multiple escape rooms before, so I'm familiar with the process. In this case, we were crammed into a small nightclub. Since you are competing against other teams, you want some degree of privacy so you are not overheard. That wasn't possible here. There were also dimmed lights which made it very difficult to see the materials. The actual puzzles/clues were also not very well done, but I don't want to go any further and provide spoilers. If you have any conflicts where you aren't sure if you should do the activity or something else....I'd recommend the other choice.
  7. There are normally excursions you can book for just this reason. It'll be some type of tour that keeps you occupied and stores your luggage in the bus. You can also choose to go directly to the airport and hope to do standby for an earlier flight.
  8. I have had several coworkers continue working full schedules through radiation, in an atmosphere where they were encouraged to take off as much as they needed. Both felt good enough to continue normal hours. They were lucky enough that the radiation site was only a few miles away so minimal travel time. I do have experience with needing help in the airport. I injured my knee the day before leaving on an Alaska cruise. I was flying solo. Just notified the airline in advance you will need assistance. You can request a wheelchair and the escort will take you through security and deliver you right to the gate. Check your bag so you don't need to drag it around. You can do it! You deserve the break and can totally handle it solo!
  9. I'm cruising Oct 13th and don't have my flight information yet either. Reached out to my PCC a week ago and he said they were booking around 40 days out. I'm currently 39 days. However, since ships rerouted to New Orleans due to the hurricane I'm guessing the travel dept may be overwhelmed and I'll be waiting longer.
  10. There are also no upgrades for booking studios.
  11. On my last cruise our bid was accepted about 50 days out. However, when we got on board there were signs posted that they were completely sold out. My guess is that the inside rooms sold out early & they immediately processed those requesting oceanview upgrades so they could offer the insides again. Our bid was not much above the minimum. On a different cruise, my father bid for a balcony room from an inside and received it the same week as the cruise. I think that timing is more common.
  12. My last cruise in March was actually handled differently. Instead of waiting until all rooms were cleaned & ready, they did an early announcement giving people permission to drop off their carry ons, then immediately exit the staterooms until the announcement was made that they were ready. It was the Sky, which is one of the smaller boats. I hope they start using that method across the entire line.
  13. Greetings! I'm currently 48 days out from my cruise and still have not received my flight information. I reached out to my PCC and he shared that they are now booking around 40 days out, rather than the 75 days quoted on the site. He didn't specify if it's a new policy or a temporary measure. I just wanted to share for the others that are not so patiently waiting as well.
  14. I've also sailed on Halloween. Pretty even split on people who chose to costumes and those who didn't, so no pressure either way. There was a costume contest, but very basic prizes (plastic souvenir cup I believe) so nothing worth expending major effort planning.
  15. Spice H2O should be sufficient for this, at least during the day. It was a nice calm sanctuary for me to hang out with my Kindle. "Hot" tubs - which in my experience were lukewarm tubs - were used but not crowded. Parties are held there in the evening.
  16. For NCL, there isn't a dedicated solo traveler coordinator. It's a task that is rotated among various employees for each cruise. On my cruise, the coordinator did not seem to want the job. He barely even spoke with us - he stayed focused on his phone. About 15 minutes after the solo traveler's get together was scheduled each evening he'd walk us to the main dining room. That was his total involvement. Another traveler was doing back to back cruises and said there was a huge difference. The coordinator on his previous cruise was ambitious and focused on becoming a cruise director one day. He was engaged with the group, found out various interests, made recommendations and planned other events for the solo travelers during the week. Although I wish the coordinator on my cruise would have been more active - it was still okay that he was not. The fact that the solo travelers gathered was sufficient. These are people traveling alone that are looking to interact with others, so it's easy to strike up conversations. We just kind of divided ourselves by interest and coordinated on our own.
  17. As far as the bulkiness, I always pack a yoga mat strap so my towel doesn't take up space in my beach bag. Easy way to strap it on your back and pack a much smaller bag!
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