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  1. I didnt do much in the windjammer so I couldn't tell you about the gf selection. Getting on the ship was smoother than getting off for the obvious reason the the people are crammed into a shorter time frame leaving vs arriving. We boarded within 10 minutes and leaving took us a couple minutes longer. Just more chaos and lines. One thing that was surprising was the line for uber/ Lyft(crazy long). We took a cab because the extra $5 dollars was worth the wait. The ship was never crowded imo, it was busier on the sea day and some things like the flowrider had waits. Shows you could get to 10 minutes early and get good seats still. El loco fresh was only 3-5 people in line worst case. The were always chairs and places to sit. If you wanted a prime beach chair then you need to get out early. Service was amazing, we talked multiple time about how most people were super happy that served us.
  2. There is a minimum, I would guess 42-48 inch range. A few younger kids were in both games I played.
  3. Getting off the ship after 4 great nights. We went to the showgirl show to kill time before dinner and it was good. Not something I would normally go to but I enjoyed it. The night wrapped up with the comedian and he was good again.
  4. Hugo, he has a ton of energy and does a great job.
  5. So far must do's- Ice skating show Laser tag Comedian( I will comment on adult show after tonight) Main dining dinner and breakfast( I say this because some people skip for buffet at windjammer) Everything at cococay Surfrider If first time do the x vs y challenge and scavenger hunt after Food must haves Apple pie dessert El loco fresh for a snack Soft serve Late night pizza slice at promenade Kiwis, bananas, apples
  6. Decorations are not overwhelming but they have some Garland around with lights and the huge christmas tree in the promenade.
  7. Yes there are Your is 3 day so likely different but. Day 1-elf, movie by the pool. Day 2- national lampoon Christmas, movie by the pool Day 3- family holiday art- adventure ocean Santa pictures- promenade The santa claus, movie by the pool The polar express, movie by the pool Day 4, sea day, how the grinch stole Christmas, movie by the pool Ice skating(kind of christmas) Family holiday trivia, the schooner bar Family holiday storytime, adventure ocean That is all I can see on the compasses.
  8. We had a preview of the ballroom show and just didnt have interest. The adult quest game was very fun and funny last night though. Tonight I will see the adult session of the comedian and report back. His name is troy thirdgill.
  9. Cococay- Today was Cococay day and we had a great time. We easily could have done 2 days here. Thrill waterpark- they have a variety of slides from boring to wow that was fast. The highest slide is run with passes you have to get early so they dont have too many people waiting. At 2pm they open up to everyone and I went at 2:30 to a 10 minute wait. Very worth it as you just keep getting faster and faster on the tallest slide in north america. Dueling demon slides were fun as you start with a verticle drop and go fast. They rock climbing wall was not great in the pool as it was not easy to do for most. The rope swings into the pool were ok at best also. Wave pool was solid and you could easily find places to relax. Jet ski tour- I really enjoyed this but I have ridden a bit when I was younger and we went first behind the guide. Full throttle 95 % of the time. Behind us got backed up with speed and a couple falls. If I had been towards the back and not able to go full speed I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. Crazy thing is, you go out a couple miles maybe and the whole area in at most 10- 15 feet deep. Chill island- I rented snorkeling gear and enjoyed my time around the rocks. Visibility near the beach was bad, but 30 feet out and it was good. We got to the beach around 9am and had a front row with an umbrella. I spotted a good sized sting ray, lemon peel angel, a few other angel fish, tangs, ect.
  10. I am going to the adult comedy show thirsday and will report back. Pool decks- I have been impressed with the availability of chairs. We have on both days had time in one of the cabanas on the ship which is nice because my wife had the charge her phone today and they all have ports. (Tip, on boarding day if you get on early get a cabana on the north side so you have a better view) Movies so far have been elf, blinded by the light, spiderman, homecoming, and I think angry birds 2. Soft serve- I have tried both vanilla swirl and chocolate swirl. Waited no more than a minute and the server is quick. I like that people dont get their dirty hands on it. Gym- I thought is had plenty of space, machines, towels, sanitizing wipes, classes, and was great. Better than any hotel gym I have been to. Arcade- this was a disappointment with amount of games and prices. Room- we went interior and with the promenade view. I wouldn't recommend this for a family if you have kids that go to bed early. 1st night they had loud music until midnight. ( not a problem for us) You cant hear the bar or people normally, but the music performances are loud. The room has been clean and the attendant was great. He even offered my wife to borrow a personal iPhone charger since she left hers on the plane. Fyi - you cant buy and iphone charger on the ship, just android. Nassau. she bought on at the grocery store for 7 dollars.
  11. I am coming to the end of my 2nd day on the navigator and I thought I would share some thoughts. Skip to sections you want to hear about. Food- for me it has been great do far Main dining- I had the prime rib on day 1 and the service was good and the food was solid. We had 3 deserts between the two of us. Warm apple pie, key lime pie, and warm hazelnut chocolate cake. I would rank them in that order from great to good. El loco fresh- I personally like the chicken and the pork better that the beef. I liked that all condiments were time monitored and replaced. Cafe promenade- pizza was good, not great, but available 24 hours per day and quick. I liked the coconut cookies the best here. Windjammer- I told myself I was going to stay away but had a quick trip in and I was surprised. A couple snacks and a kiwi to eat by the pool side. Room delivery- we had breakfast this way and it was solid. Pancakes were great, bacon was nice and crispy, sausage and eggs were ok, orange juice was good , chocolate milk was true moo. Sports deck/ activities Flow rider- the boogie boarding and knee boarding was fun and not too difficult. Standing up was harder and I want to try and improve that on future days. Not longer than 10 min wait so far and 5 pm standup time was 2 minutes at most. Slides- the mat slide is quick and fun. Wait hasn't been bad the 3 times I have tried but I watched if there was a line for the mats. The double tube is good but not as quick as the mat slide. Putting green- some boring holes and some challenging holes. I would rate a 7.5 of 10. Rock climbing- approaching 40 and I thoughts this was a fin thing yo do. I chose the medium difficulty and it wasn't too challenging. I am tempted to go back and do the middle green holds. Laser tag- very fun, It keeps scores of each player and you play as a team. I would put this as a cant miss. Ice show- I thought the intro was awesome and this was a great show. 40 minutes flew by and didnt get bored at all. Music was good, skating was better, and a must go to. Comedian- I was surprised by this because previous reviews weren't promising. I think he is new back with royal but the comedian was good for a family. " haveanicecruise".
  12. Wasn't there but pga tour was. This last week was cooler than next week will be. You can always look on weather.com and it will show you past days.
  13. Minimum on all 20, 30, 50. I had regular inside room.
  14. If there are a bunch left in a month I'm sure you have a good chance.
  15. I tried to book the cruise and see what I could select.
  16. Are there upgrades room available? If there aren't I cant imagine you have a chance. When mine was accepted there were almost 10 of the view rooms available.
  17. I received my accepted email about 2 weeks out on navigator. Minimum bid on a basic view room. I did watch and see what rooms weren't filled yet when I bid.
  18. On navigator, it looks like I can grab food at the Windjammer, El loco fresh(possibly in that afternoon) and café Promenade. i was planning on Café Promenade but open to opinions.
  19. Agree, Shows on my menu for every day on my upcoming December sailing on Navigator.
  20. you should be able to or close to seeing your menu on the app. However, From what i see there are still many of the basics every night on the ships like spaghetti, roasted chicken breast, steak, salmon, ect
  21. Does anyone actually have experience recently with the internet speeds and quality of the Surf and Stream vs the surf only. i am wondering why i need to spend a few extra dollars more per day? For reference, I don't imagine we will use much if any internet. maybe calling the kids, emergency contact, and possibly facetime?
  22. Does anyone know how the pizza is on the Navigator? It seems that it is different at the same place on different ships?
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