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  1. I used the sauna in locker room off the pool/spa area 3 times and was the only one there. It had a large picture window and was pretty neat while crossing the Atlantic. I wouldn't waste my money on the Persian Gardens, it broke on my cruise and we got a spa credit but I didn't find the showers anything special. JMHO
  2. My husband did rent a tux that was delivered to our cabin the first day. It came with two shirts and looked brand new as did the patent leather shoes. We would go that route again.
  3. We were on Millie Transatlantic Nov/Dec 06. We bought several bottles of wine, some beer and coke in port and brought them back onboard w/o incident. Our bags went through the screening machine but nothing was said. We would have allowed them to put them in storage if asked to do so but nothing was said. We did not consume the wine during the cruise so there was no corkage charge.
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    Anyone home yet from the recent Millie TA?

    [COLOR=black]We had a wide variety of on-board entertainment; an opera tenor who spoke on the history of opera and famous singers, doing some singing and playing audio and video tapes, very interesting. A classics professor from CA who reviewed the ports and even offered a free dvd of his lectures which were repeated on the in-room tv. Watercolor classes that people lined up for hours ahead of time, the usual trivia and sports games, daily cinema sometimes two different films, nightclub shows with 11 dancers and 5 singers and an acrobatics team and different headliners.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Weather was fabulous as I was expecting cool temps and wet weather for late Nov/early Dec according to the guidebooks I consulted.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]The shore excursions were overpriced; we mostly did our own thing except for a trip in Tenerife with a fat, obnoxious local guide who chided us for not understanding her English. I understood her but her attitude was less than friendly.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]I signed up for the Persian Gardens but only used it once. Needs a good overhaul, the Turkish bath was broken for several days and they gave a $50 credit towards a spa treatment. Save your money, I much preferred the sauna in the ladies locker room with the picture window looking out to sea. The exercise classes were good - stretch and body conditioning. Mirela (sp?) from Romania was a former national rhythmic gymnastics champion and pretty flexible.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]They pushed bottled water and drinks and the stores had a lot of phony promotions, which we avoided.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]The regular crew was great, food very good, lots of options where to dine and varied choices.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]We were in Concierge Class and it was worth the extra money to upgrade, breakfast on the balcony each morning with fresh squeezed juices. The spa cafe had good food although I wouldn't call the desserts low cal.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]My husband was worried about finding quiet spaces but there were plenty of places inside and out where you practically felt alone.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Millie might need some sprucing up but hey at least there was no outbreak of gastrointestinal bug like two of the other ships docked in Port Everglades last Sunday.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]Bringing alcohol on board was not an issue. We bought 3 bottles of wine and an 8 pack of beer and also some Coke and not a word was said.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black]I hope we are able to do another cruise like this in the future.[/COLOR] [COLOR=black][FONT=Times New Roman]Enjoy yours![/FONT][/COLOR]
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    Anyone home yet from the recent Millie TA?

    My only complaint would be the rudeness of some of the other passengers. I thought it was funny that they ran out of prunes, must be why some of the passengers developed a sh***y attitude ;) People need to keep things in perspective, we felt truly blessed to have the money to do this cruise. I will do a complete follow-up in the days to come. Weather was great, one rainy morning in Nice but mild temps and no wind, not like a New England Nor'easter! Got a nice tan to boot. If you were looking for Nick he was up on Deck 13 or as my husband and I called it, the "titty deck" (topless sunbathing). There were only a few of us ever up there but Nick was a regular. Our waiters (Stefan & Freddy) were wonderful. Stefan was very well-spoken and educated, they are wasting him as a waiter. Freddy was sooooo cute, I told my husband I wanted him in my Christmas stocking. Our cabin attendants - Neves & Renato were very thorough and friendly. My husbands first cruise and he was leery of all that at sea time but he managed to find plenty to keep him occupied. We did manage to miss the CC party, forgot to put it on my social calendar and completely forgot about it, mea culpa. Meagan Leigh
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    2006 - 2007 Cruising CC'ers List!

    My husband, mother and I will be on the Millennium 11/24/06 Transatlantic Meagan Leigh
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    Hotel Near Cruise Ship Terminal Barcelona

    Hi Arlene, My husband, mother and I will also be on this cruise. We are arriving into Barcelona on the 22nd. I have been looking for hotels and contacted a couple. Will let you know what I come up with. I am also looking into doing the ports on our own, the trains are pretty cheap or we may rent a car. The excursions offered by Celebrity are pretty pricy. IMHO Have you been to any of these areas? I was in Antibes (near Nice) over 10 years ago. We did Monaco from there. My travel agent is going to some of these same ports on the Millennium in October. She recommended St. Paul de Vence outside of Nice. I also heard about a market on Saturdays in San Remo. Hope we can keep in touch. Meagan Leigh