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  1. I share your attitude, richla. I wish they would accommodate both, and on my cruise they clearly could have done so. They had ballroom dancing offered twice a night and karaoke only two times for older adults. Clearly favored one over the other and guessed wrongly.
  2. I guess everybody's different and we are now the minority of cruise passengers. But on my cruise it was clear that the demand for karaoke far exceeded the opportunities provided. I don't know how many people tried out for the Voice Of The Ocean competition on my cruise, but I heard they had enough people to hold the full competition's different stages, tho most of the singers were not very good, based on the gossip passed on to me by passengers who attended the auditions and later stages.
  3. You are right in that they guessed wrong for my cruise and that the times on cruise lines have left me behind as far as karaoke. I should probably choose a specialty cruise that emphasizes karaoke or just pick my cruises with the assumption that the ship's karaoke will be poor, since I refuse to do contests. Skynight- I see the Voice competition on the ship, as you describe it, as similar to when I have sung live band karaoke. It is a fun change of pace to do once in a while, but it is not that satisfying for me as a regular thing because I like a large selection of songs to choose from and I almost always need the key lowered for me to do the songs I like. So, the Voice thing would not be for me. Laurie S.- You seem to be on my level. I hope you have better luck than me when you sail next time. TM- I agree with you. Princess is probably not the line for me if I care about singing during the cruise. I will look into other lines. You have all answered my original ?. which was, is this the new normal? At least for Princess, it apparently is......
  4. Different stroke for different folks. I hate country music and get turned off in general by bad singers. I prefer decent to good singers who sing interesting, non-country songs. But I realize I am a karaoke snob and more serious about karaoke than you and most others are about it. At the same time, I hate contests for karaoke and singing. I don't even watch the TV singing competitions. Boring......
  5. A lot of people at karaoke can't sing worth a damn, but the majority can and some are very good. So, I don't buy into the common stereotype of all karaoke singers being bad.
  6. Yes, the cruise did have a Voice Of The Ocean competition, but I hate karaoke and singing contests, so I didn't get involved in it. I sing for fun, not competition. The Voice competition is obviously meant to be some kind of substitute for regular karaoke with the more serious singers. I heard that most of the competitors on my cruise were not very good. As far as Skynight's comments on legalities and karaoke tracks, yes, I concede that most bars don't have to worry about regulation or lawsuits over piracy that way a cruise line does, but that does still not excuse having a piss poor song collection. It only takes some time, effort, and some money to build a good library. As for Franktown's comment on karaoke attendance, again, the karaoke attendance was overwhelming, while the ballroom attendance was very poor. The cruise director obviously either guessed and chose wrongly, or else just didn't care about karaoke. Either way, it was very disappointing. I can see how it might be difficult to predict in advance which activities will be in demand and which will not, but hopefully with my comments and complaints, Princess and that cruise director will learn from the experience and do better in the future. However, I am not holding my breath and will look into other cruise lines for the future.
  7. Above I mean a phone chat with the cruise director, or at least an e-mail chat.
  8. It was a 7 day cruise to Alaska. There were a lot of kids aboard, but the older passengers wanted karaoke way more than ballroom dancing, so it appeared to be a matter of the cruise director making a wrong and poor assumption about ballroom dancing being more popular with the older passengers than karaoke. BTW, I contacted the corporate office of Princess about my complaints and they didn't seem to care at all. They said it was all decided by the cruise director. Well, how am I supposed to contact the cruise director before booking a future cruise to see what the karaoke situation will be on that ship? I highly doubt the cruise line will make the cruise director available for a chat or e-mail chat about my wishes before a cruise. Ballroom dancing appeared to only attract a handful of passengers on my cruise. As for song selection, it is still possible to have a good song selection if you are willing to pay for them. You have to order the songs from UK companies or a French company called Karaoke Version. I know this because I frequently attend a bar karaoke show where the host has a completely legal collection of over 15 K songs. Not being willing to spend the time and money on getting a decent song library of at least several thousand songs is not an excuse, at least in my mind. Also, I am very aware of the issues regarding copyright and licensing with karaoke in the last 15 years as I followed it with the bar karaoke in my area. Compiling a legal collection of songs is now more expensive and more work than in the old days of illegal tracks run rampant, but it can be done. The question is whether karaoke is enough of a priority or not to the cruise line.
  9. At the end of July I went on an Alaska cruise with Princess and I thought the karaoke programming was very poor. It was only offered three times on the cruise and the first one was specifically for families, kids and parents. As a childfree 60 year old, I boycotted it. Each time the karaoke lasted only an hour to hour and a half. The songlist seemed to be pretty small and limited, too, compared to karaoke at bars back home. The hosts for the karaoke were also crew members who usually had other duties. There was clearly way more demand for karaoke than there were opportunities on this cruise as the two times I attended karaoke there were way more people wanting to sing than there were slots to sing in the brief karaoke shows on the cruise. Also, there were no songbooks, online or printed, for the singers to look up what songs they had available. You had to stand in a line and ask the host what songs they had as the host looked them up and signed you up to sing, both on their I-Pads. Is the the new normal for karaoke on cruises? On the other hand, there were way more opportunities to listen to live bands who played music for ballroom dancing on the cruise, even tho their were only a few couple that ever participated in these events. Seems to me the cruise director is out of touch with what most people want on the cruise for entertainment options and karaoke is treated as an afterthought, even tho 15 years ago when I went on a Carnival cruise, it was very popular and done well, offered almost every night and with karaoke events that lasted at least a few hours and were hosted by a FT karaoke host who had no other duties and was very good at hosting karaoke.
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