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  1. Thanks so much for posting this and keeping us updated. I have not seen the email so this is great to know. Really looking forward to this cruise!
  2. Something to keep in mind is what airlines do call "throwaway ticketing." It violates airline rules of carriage and some airlines indeed punish passengers who use this practice repeatedly. It's doing exactly what you suggest of buying a ticket with the intention of not using one or more of the legs. You can google this topic and find all sorts of information on it. I'm certainly not an expert in the subject and never have tried to do this. The consensus from what I can see is that airlines generally don't crack down on this unless they see a pattern of abuse. But, nevertheless, I wanted to bring up the topic so you could be informed in making your decision.
  3. Wow, what a great adventure you have planned. Have a grand trip. From Texas here as well; looks like we have many from TX joining this TA trip. I used to live in Frisco so we might have been neighbors! LOL
  4. From Texas as well! Looks like we will have a good representation from the state. There is indeed a Mix and Mingle scheduled for this TA leg. Scroll back to the top of this forum page and you will see the 2nd sub-heading under it in blue with the link to "Mix and Mingle." Then just follow the prompts to choose the cruise line, the ship, and the sailing date. Last time I looked there were already 59 people signed-up (25 is the minimum to have the event) and we are still more than a year away!
  5. It's been several years, but we enjoyed our stay at the Hesperia Barcelona Ramblas hotel. It's a 3-star hotel with a modern, chic décor and well located just steps from the bustling La Rambla with it's sidewalk cafes, shops, restaurants, street vendors, kiosks, and people watching galore, in addition to the famous Boqueria Market just a block behind the hotel. There's a metro station nearby that allows you to visit the sights and is near the Gothic quarter (the old city) as well. As I recall, it was fairly reasonably priced also. In Vienna and Paris we stayed in apartments, so can't recommend hotels there. Since you've never been to Europe before, may I make a recommendation that I hope you will not mind. Given that you are going to need to catch the cruise in Copenhagen, that means you will be covering 4 cities in about a week. You will therefore be spending half of your time, getting to/from the airports, traveling to/from each city, eating up a lot of time, and getting weary. Venice, Paris, and Barcelona are huge cities with an incredible amount of things you will want to experience. Each one of them easily could take 3-4 days to see the highlights and get a sense of the culture. And, they aren't going anywhere. So, you might consider doing just 1 of the 3 cities instead then head to Copenhagen to visit sights there before the cruise starts. That will give you just another reason to come back to Europe another year!! LOL. And, I think you will appreciate the trip more. But, again, that's just my opinion for what it's worth. Hope that helps.
  6. Oh, I totally missed that! Thanks for the graphic. That still seems like not a lot of MDR space for 5,200 passengers. And, that may explain why when we booked a couple of weeks ago there were no more spaces left for the early dining option? But, maybe I'm just overthinking it. We'll see once we are on board. Really looking forward to seeing this ship.
  7. Just booked this TA cruise and we are so excited as we've never done a crossing before. So, not sure of what to expect but really looking forward to cruising into NYC harbor and spending some quality time on what looks to be a really exciting new ship. We've done several inaugural European Carnival cruises for the Splendor, Magic, Vista, and Horizon that were all excellent trips with the best staff. Going to be on deck 15 forward in a balcony stateroom on the starboard side. Looking at the deck plans, it looks like Carnival is really mixing this up with a whole new approach. One thing I seem to notice is that there appears to be only one MDR (Palm Restaurant) on decks 6 and 7? Am I missing something? Maybe since there are so many other dining options on board they don't feel they need the dual, large MDR's of other ships?
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