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  1. There are kiosks on every floor by the elevators so if one is busy go to the next floor. Make sure you have your key card with you as you will need to click it into the slot on the bottom of the screen to make reservations. You can also check the nightly menus for all dining options which was nice for us to decide if we wanted go to the MDR or try a specialty restaurant.
  2. I just figured it out the getaway and breakaway have the angled room layouts. Maybe check those to see if it has your stateroom shown in the configuration you like. ETA: haha 2 wheels we figured it out around the same time.
  3. wow I know I saw the deck plans had those indents in them not to far back...hmm I know it's somewhere I had seen when I was doing a mock booking. It might be that they have changed the deck images since I last looked. now it is going to bother me to no end to see if I saw them on NCL.com or CostcoTravel.com. Anyway sorry for the outdated info guys.
  4. If you look on the deck plan of your ship for your room it will give you a hint as to how the room is set up. The deeper part of the room will be the bed location and the skinny part will be where the couch and counter space will be. the closet is always by the bathroom. On the Bliss I was on deck 10, I could look down onto the waterfront. If I remember correctly the seating area was under the ship/balconies above and only the deck was out in the open. I was also above the Food Republic and cold look down on the people dining inside. Hope this helps answer you questions.
  5. @salty dingo Glad I could help. I just looked at your location...howdy neighbor!
  6. I'm not sure about this particular ship, but I will assume it is like all other Breakaway plus types and have the video kiosk outside the elevator lobby that allow you to make reservations - just make sure you have your key card with you. I would do that first thing getting on the ship if you are looking for a specific day/time that will fill up fast. The kiosk allows you to make reservations for dining, excursions, and shows pretty quickly. I loved to be able to look at the menus to see what the main dining rooms were having for the specials of the night so I could decide if I wanted to go there or to a specialty restaurant. I also made a shore excursion reservation on it and the tickets were in my room the next day after we returned from breakfast.
  7. Thanks DinaS for the insight and will use your recommendation next time. This issue was not a major one, but something I would like to only put in my review for those like me who didn't think to ask or know that they have the egg crate foam available. With so many hotel chains putting in heavenly/premium beds I would have thought the cruise lines would follow their lead and provide the same type of experience. Is it different bed type in the suites? That may be something we can upgrade to next time if it is a better bed type knowing this ahead of time. I will ask on our next cruise for accommodations if needed no matter the room we pick if either of us have issues. I didn't want ding the cruise for the bed, but wanted to just mention that it is something that some may want to know and therefore ask for before they have a bad night(s) sleep.
  8. I didn't even ask for anything thinking they probably didn't have anything like that to give us. I just used the extra pillow on the bed to put under my side. By the 4th day I got sorta use to the board I slept on...LOL 😆 Live and learn.
  9. I had a good experience at both Le Bistro and Cagney's. I had the french onion soup and pork chop in La Bistro that was excellent. In Cagney's I once again had the pork chop with a ceasar salad that was good also. The servers in both restaurants were top notch. I had heard on other boards that the mexican restaurant and the ocean blue restaurants were not that great so I skipped those. We also had Food Republic as part of our dining package and I can't say that it was that good. I've had better sushi back home. Also had a tough time understanding the server.
  10. I had a great experience with the server and food choices in La Bistro. I can't say the same for the table next to us...they were so drunk it was starting to interfere with everyone's dinner around us. They left soon after the one lady said very loudly that she thinks she is going to be sick...wow can you keep that to yourself and just leave? Thankfully the food and server was especially positive enough that that outweighed the negative.
  11. If I remembered correctly I was able to click the day (where it shows shore excursions) and select the dining choices and was able to schedule there. I can't give you precise instructions because I no longer have a reservation to check my memory. If you can't find it just be sure to schedule as soon as you get on the ship and go to the video Kiosk (at the elevator lobby) and make your reservation there. Very quick to do instead of trying to do it at the desk in the atrium. Same for shore excursions. I think you can also make some reservations through the phone app.
  12. Thanks for letting me know the process mjacmom & dinas. I wanted to add that the bed was super uncomfortable ☹️ I should probably add that I am a princess and the pea type too 😃
  13. I put in a review last night for my recent cruise on the Bliss, but I am not seeing it show up. I wanted to edit to add more info (if I can that is), but can't find it. Did I just waste an hour adding a review to only have it go into a black hole?
  14. Ship - Bliss Alaska w/Glacier Bay visit Deck - 10 Stateroom # - 10762 Stateroom Category - BC (mid) Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? Yes for the most part. Slamming doors or loud TV were heard occasionally Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? No. Balcony View - Had a great view for the Alaska Glaciers we visited. Balcony Size? Standard Was wind a problem? Yes. It can be fixed by making sure your door is latched/locked. We didn't figure that out until the next day after a very windy night of the door whistling. Any specific problems with this cabin? This cabin has no drawers, which made it hard to store underwear and socks. The location is good - just a little bit off elevator lobby. I noticed up until noonish that the cleaning carts were in the hallway quite a bit on this floor so lots of weaving and having to defer to others trying to pass. I would feel bad for anyone that used a scooter or wheelchair to maneuver around this. This was a good room that I would book again. Pictures below were taken right from our balcony.
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