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  1. Thanks for this info. How do they price joining staterooms? Do they charge for 2 rooms or class it as a larger family suite? Thanks
  2. Hi, Did our first cruise on Sapphire princess august 30th to september 14th (Baltic heritage). We would like to invite my son and his girlfriend on the next cruise , and posted on here in the hope someone could answer our question. Do all cruise ships have 4 birth suites with 2 seperate bedrooms , or only certain ships, if so does anyone know which cruise lines offer 2 bedroom suites. Thanks
  3. Thanks for that information , just one less thing I have to worry about.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I can us my phone as if i was back in the U.K. within the European union , Russia is the only destination that I will be visiting that is not , but thanks for your concern.
  5. My phone provider says that on my Baltic cruise I can use my mobile phone in all destinations apart from st petersburg, russia. My question is this , If I make a call within the port (but not on the ship)can I still be directed through the ships phone system or not. Or is it best not to use phone in port at all. Im a new cruiser and dont want to get hefty charges that im unaware of.
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