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  1. Was just in Roatan last week. We opted for the all-inclusive Turquoise Bay beach excursion. It was very nice, great guide, great service. Only downside is that it is on the East side of the island so the ride was about 30 mins.
  2. Ship - Pearl Deck - 5 Stateroom # - 5603 Stateroom Category – Interior Starboard or Port Side - Port side Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – NO! This was one of the worst rooms for “ship noise” I’ve stayed in on the Pearl (this was 3rd cruise on Pearl). Above us I believe was Summer Palace and we would here carts being rolled back and forth beginning in the AM and last into the late night. But this wasn’t the biggest issue. There was also an intermittent thuh-thump noise that happened anywhere from 7 AM to 2 AM. It sounded like a washing machines, or dryer, or even a dish washer. It woke us up in the morning and kept us from falling asleep - even with ear plugs in. It was determined to be a refrigeration system on deck 4. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – N/A Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - N/A Was wind a problem? -N/A If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? I wouldn’t recommend this cabin because of the noise.
  3. The “Just” water tasted fine to me. But I still don’t think the mixed use terapak packaging is any better environmentally than plastic.
  4. I’ve only been on charters aboard the Pearl, but here’s what I think I can answer. - pool is not covered. There is an overhang area on 2 sides of the pool deck where you may be able to snag a seat, but the pool itself is full sun. - NCL does have a soda package. I’m not sure of the cost, maybe $8-10 per day + gratuities. You can purchase it online after you book your cruise. - They do have distilled water for cpap. I would call ahead to let them know you need it. I’m not sure about dining or entertainment since cheaters can be different.
  5. What is the source of this info? Is this in writing somewhere? this was not my experience. When I sailed in September the bartender said waters and sodas were included in the 15 drink limit. I never ordered a plain soda but they ran my card both when I ordered bottled water and specialty coffees. I never pushed the limit of 15 drinks a day so it wasn’t an issue.
  6. It could have been, but the noise started late at night and all night long when there was likely little to no use. Staff swore up and down it was not the elevators.
  7. Just got off Oosterdam on Sunday. It seemed like a pretty basic ship to me. Your biggest changes from 10 years ago, from what I’ve gathered, is the update of the Crows Nest to the Explorations Central set-up. Perhaps redesign of the Atrium. New carpet, paint. Perhaps an update of the rooms.
  8. Yeah, I just came off the Oosterdam and had SBP. all beverages alcoholic and non-alcoholic go towards the 15 limit. It was clear the staff was directed to be very strict with this. So much so, we had staff in dining areas trying to “sell” us extra bottles of water and specialty coffee at the end of meals. It made me wonder, do they get commission or otherwise paid bonuses on how many “paid for” beverages they serve?
  9. Oh, trust me, we had every Guest Services manager, assistant manager, and more that we spoke with. They all refused to contact engineering or send any mechanical technicians up to our room. We also requested to speak to the Hotel director and were declined to speak to them. We were in a end hall room. On one side was the lobby of the midship elevator bank, the other was a room. The noise seemed to come from the elevator hallway area, somewhere in the walls.
  10. Reporting in from Juneau. The noise was more than just creaks and groans. And it was not from another room. It was really wild. there would be a THUD and the walls would shake. We had things fall off the walls. It would sometimes happen 2-3 times in a room, some times just one instance. Sometimes they would be minutes apart, sometimes 10-20 mins apart. But it was constant, 24 hours a day. I’ve attempted to attach a video of the shaking. The noise was much louder than my phone camera picked up. But imagine a large boulder being dropped on the floor or a large steel door banging back and forth. That’s what it sounded like. Miraculously, they found a comparable room to move us to 24 hours after we first reported it. The night of the report, they apparently only had inside rooms to move us to. Not sure how they found a room, but it’s worked out for now. 281CB72B-2232-42FF-A50F-F1675F3A01A9.MOV
  11. We set sail today from Seattle, and around 2 hours ago started hearing large thuds that shake our whole room. It sounds like the ceiling is coming down on us. Guest services are is trying to tell us it is the waves hitting the ship and/or the way the ship is moving. anyone ever experience this? We are in 5095.
  12. Makes perfect sense. I guess I hadn't researched enough and was thinking we'd see smaller crowds this late in the season 😂
  13. Emu2302

    hubbard glacier

    I found this resource, not sure how accurate it is http://crew-center.com/hubbard-glacier-alaska-cruise-ships-schedule-2020
  14. I am on the 9/22 sailing of Oosterdam. With it being so late in the season, I was surprised to see there are 4 ships in Juneau the same day as us http://crew-center.com/juneau-alaska-cruise-ship-schedule-july-october-2019
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