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  1. Not to mention the entire market will have a huge dip when the jobless report comes out.
  2. It's cratered in the last 3 hours. I think it's finally pricing in the common stock sale at $8 plus debt offering with 11.5% rates. This thing is going to be sub 7 at some point today.
  3. LOL, that's why they went full panic and did a huge equity and debt offering at an obscene 11.5% to raise desperately needed cash? The good news is they got some cash...the bad news is they now have an insane debt load for 3 years. I still stand by my hunch that many of us don't ever see these refunds.
  4. Reading all of this makes some of you feel good? It's pretty obvious CCL was counting on future revenues to pay the refunds for the first round of cancellations. The 2nd month of cancelled bookings plus being justifiably left out of the stimulus plan is why we are being told 90 days. They simply do not have the cash on hand and are hoping for some miracle financing in the very near future. We ain't getting our refunds folks. Best bet will be a message down the road that converted refunds to FCC.
  5. You think it's an overreaction to be told that your refund that was originally promised in 4-6 weeks (absurd by itself) will now be 90 days? All of us should be very concerned at this point about ever getting our refunds or redeeming that FCC.
  6. The cancellation and subsequent FCC/Refund split back on 3/13 was per arrangement with Carnival, and at that time was advised 4-6 weeks for refund portion. Carnival just reneged on that contract today.
  7. I was originally scheduled to sail on the Vista on 4/11. I cancelled on 3/13 and got part FCC and about 1k worth of refund and was told by my TA that it would be 4-6 weeks before the refund posted. After the cancellation today I got the following notice from my TA: "Good morning XXXXXX, I hope everyone is well and staying safe. Below is the update I just received from Carnival in regards to your cruise. Since they went ahead and cancelled this cruise they are offering the same options to you as if you did not cancel in advance. This means you can recei
  8. It'll go down to single digits literally the day they announce the next month of cancellations. I agree long term it's a good stock to hold, but you are kidding yourself if you think the roller coaster has stopped. I've got some held for long term, and I've also got some short options set for April 9th.
  9. I'm totally fine. I really am picking it up for a 5+ year hold. I agree the T&L industry is going to change for years after this. Same play with Hilton, DIS and Delta.
  10. I've been buying in over the last week for long term holding. At the same time I've got some put options in play for April 9th because the next month long stoppage (if not longer) is going to crush the stock price into mid to low single digits.
  11. No, it doesn't. This is strictly about cash flow management on their part.
  12. I'm almost certainly going to scoop up 100 or 200 shares on Friday.
  13. I was told 4-6 weeks for the cash refund part, which is freaking absurd. RCL processed a refund within 48 hours. I fear Carnival is going to have a major liquidity crisis.
  14. The entire point is slowing the rate of spread to keep it from overwhelming the health care system.
  15. The ban doesn't go into effect until Friday at midnight. They have 48 hours to change their plans.
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