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  1. 120 days is final payment for all room types. But if the cruise does not sell out by final payment date, and the rooms go on sale - that is what sparked my original dilemma.
  2. I called this evening and we did the upgrade. The upgrade is a forward-facing center penthouse! We are pretty happy about it. The room and the balcony are double the size of the mid-ship balcony room we had. I still cannot believe I am really going on this vacation of a lifetime, and now we will be staying in a penthouse?? No way! Is this real???
  3. Based on current pricing: - the Family Suite is $2,399 and the - Penthouse with Large Balcony is $2,999 - have not talked to the supervisor yet to go for the upgrade or credits b/c we decided to go w/ option 1 and wait to see if price drops even more - - it is hard to sit and wait when you imagine overpaying by almost two grand There are two of us, we are travel buddies and not a couple so we would want two seperate beds. Not sure if Family Suite or Penthouse beds can be split...or if this will even be an option given to us.
  4. Need guidance on what to do, please Norwegian - paid $2,999 USD per person for balcony room - same room, now, is $2,045 per person (We are 92 days out from the cruise) - that is $954 per person or $1,908 less! Options from Norwegian: 1. wait and watch and if it goes even lower there is more negotiating room 2 talk to the super user now (hold time is over an hour) and begin the negotiation but once it is final it is final 3. cancel through insurance if there is something that meets the. An ellation criteria (but we have already bought plane tickets and hotel rooms) and how do you re-book after cancelling through insurance? I don't think you can. - Guidance? $1,908 is substantial and while I guess it could go even lower, I have never heard of anyone over-paying by this much. Help?
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