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  1. Until when this is not clear. It’s my May cruise cancelled I called Royal and they don’t know.
  2. Thank you, it’s crazy because Tap Portugal cancel and refund my money and RCI still hope they can still sailed out of Barcelona, I guess they don’t want their stock to lower more.
  3. Okay thanks my sailing is May 10, I guess I have to wait until they extend this.
  4. From where you were sailing, it looks like only US ports were cancel, which doesn’t make sense.
  5. This is all confusing, it said cruising in the United States, I was leaving out of Barcelona, I will call Royal today.
  6. so I really though Royal was going to cancel my cruise but only in the next 28 days, let’s wait until Monday.
  7. Why only 30 days, I’m waiting for them to cancel my May cruise out of Barcelona.
  8. I have a cruise out of Barcelona on May 10 on allure, if Royal cancel the cruise, would I get the money back? Or I will get FCC?
  9. As right now; on my Allure trip in May they told me today they are cancelling Italy ports but it’s not confirmed yet. She told me I have 48 hours before sailing to cancel.
  10. 😂 I do snore when I’m drunk! too bad it’s May 10 I have a cruise that day as well.
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