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  1. But I didn't move from a TA to TA. I moved from a PCC to TA which is what I asked so I sure hope she's not gutted OH MY GOSH! I agree about the air and have never minded paying the 50.
  2. Thank you so much. I really like the new TA - and I asked him how many cruises he's handled and if he's heard of Cruise Critic - indeed he has (he may even find this thread for all I know!). I did mention the discount and the perks on board (let him know I prefer Chardonnay to Champagne HA!) I double checked everything and with all of your help, I feel confident that I made a good choice. We shall see! Now I just have to wait and wait until next summer for the cruise - but in the meantime I get to start researching excursions! I know the TA can - but I LOVE doing some of the reading and researching on my own and with the help of Tripadvisor - and now you wonderful Cruise Critics. THANK YOU! ellen
  3. Wow this is all great information. For all I know, the guy knows a ton about cruises. I never wanted to cruise before. I prefer nice hotels or VRBO in the Caribbean and I love Europe and staying in quaint hotels. So I'm not a cruise-type person - but Alaska is obviously cruise-worthy (hey - maybe I'll get hooked). Should I ask if he can get the price lowered?? I don't think I'm allowed to ask you for your travel agent on this site - or maybe I am and can't ask for a website? If you can't do that - how does one go about finding a TA who knows and discounts cruises?
  4. Well I I have all of you for guidance in many ways. I love being part of the planning. THANKS!
  5. Oh I wonder if the TA can discount the cruise??? Should I ask him or since it's booked, leave it be? Yes, he is a smaller company - there are about 20 TA's that work there. I used a woman from there for about 20 years until she recently retired. But I never cruised before so this is all new for me.
  6. Very helpful thank you. I will check and make sure he (my TA is a he and my PCC is a she) will or won't charge. I get that I would have to check myself for drops in prices. You are all so wonderful!
  7. AHHHHHHHH so the outside TA has access to lower fares? I know the PCC (thanks) told me that if something goes down, she can rebook it BUT I would lose present specials. So for example - she told me that if the fare goes down, she could rebook but if the new fare didn't include the 800 on board credit, I would lose that. That does make sense.... But that would be the same for a TA I assume so he would decide what makes sense? I mean - if it goes down by 2000 dollars (unlikely) who cares about losing 800.
  8. Yes - I know this TA will book the air and all other things for the 50 per person. So I guess if all I need is air, the 50 pp seems fair for just this reason. I don't think TA's get commission from airlines - but surely they do from other things such as hotels. My PCA (personal cruise assistant?? is that the correct acronym? I never cruised before) said it was fine to give the TA the booking, but that I would lose any drops in prices or added incentives she would find. So does this mean that the TA is NOT allowed to grab lower fares/extra incentives etc? Yes - the cruise is 100% refundable until April 6th and it came with 800 on board credit and free gratuities. I wouldn't want to lose those. Thank you ALL for the feedback because it's very helpful! Ellen
  9. Do you mean you always use a TA from HAL or another TA? Can the other TA change the reservation or is it fixed?
  10. Most TA don't charge to make airline tickets? REALLY?? This one always charged 50 per ticket per person. Hotels etc - never a fee though I'm sure they're getting a commission - but I usually make my own hotel reservations.
  11. My travel agent, who I use for complicated air, asked me to transfer the cruise to him. In return he won't charge me a fee for making airline tickets. If it were a direct shot, I'd make the reservation on my own (who can't book Phl to Chicago?) but we're not sure of the best airline in this situation and it seemed easier. But the Personal Cruise Consultant who has helped me: A - Does she lose a commission? B - She told me that if prices change or drop I lose out. She wasn't pushy - very nice actually - but I'm not sure what to do. He would be more hands-on helping with excursions (she doesn't do that), though you guys do. I'm just not sure what is the right thing for everyone. A - because of fairness to her B - because of price drops and fairness to me C - because of convenience to me with him. This is a summer (July 2020) cruise to Alaska with a Neptune suite which I kind of doubt will drop in price (I did read some other threads on here) but who knows! Thanks for your thoughts.
  12. I see. And if I have 800 credit, can the 18 be applied toward that? THANKS
  13. So can we take them to dinner? What MDR? So our carry-on can be filled with wine - we just say - we know about the 18? And do we pay with a credit card on the spot?
  14. ME TOO. So we can bring whatever so long as we know we have to pay 18? How do we let them know we know and aren't trying to do something sneaky? I would hate that!
  15. That's a great question - we would buy wine in Anchorage to bring on board other than the one each if that's allowed. I don't mind paying the 18 rather than awful wine. OR - do they have a "liquor store," on board with better liquor one is allowed to purchase and use without corkage? I'm sure it would be more than in a liquor store off board ,but if it's just a few dollars more, that would be convenient.
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