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  1. I've never enjoyed cruising (you ask - why am I on this forum?). Well we were very excited about our Alaskan Cruise which we thought would be THE way to see Alaska after 7 days land on our own (No cruise tour company helping). We booked everything and looked forward to HAL cruising even though it's not our normal thing. We've also thought that river cruises (never done them) could be an option one day. But cruising the islands - no way for us. We like to choose an island, find a beautiful place to stay, and explore. We deliberately avoid cruise landing days to go to certain ports. We did Croat
  2. And Norwegian may be going bankrupt. What if HAL does? Then you'd never get the money.
  3. I'm very sorry if I harmed them -not my intention - though I doubt the credit card companies will think that honestly. It's not like a merchant of a seedy sort that they get wind of. But we'll see. The reason you enter is you didn't receive your refund yet. If you wait too long, your credit card won't help you. I think it might be 60 days from when you tried to cancel. If you're 61 days, do it TODAY. You may be okay!
  4. We got all of our money back via credit card dispute. Done.
  5. Dispute with your credit card.
  6. I really do understand both sides, but we didn't want the money tied up that long. I don't know how I feel about future cruise. I wouldn't avoid HAL for this reason though. I don't think they're worse than any other cruise company with refunds.
  7. My TA got upset with me that I put in the dispute - he said that can hurt his profits or something. Tough (not that there was a profit - it was only a deposit). I did get the refund on my card. I'm surprised others didn't?
  8. My credit card refunded it to me immediately
  9. We put in a dispute with the credit card company. That will hurry them up.
  10. I cancelled my July cruise. I was within the 100% refund timing. They only have about 1000 dollars - but still - it's my money. I cancelled March 17th. Today is April 13th and nothing. I cancelled through my TA.
  11. No I don’t think that’s it. It’s that travel agencies are unessential businesses. So therefore he’s only working two hours a day. He did already canceled the trip. I think though it may be done to deal with the credit card company.
  12. WOW! And my TA just emailed basically saying they're closed unless we want to book new trips!
  13. My TA says he already called. I did email him again and said he should also think about cancelling the helicopter through HAL (which is probably obvious, right?). I know all TA's are busy - I have no idea if he's being pushy enough. It's the first time I ever used this TA
  14. I cancelled my Alaskan cruise with HAL before the deposit became nonrefundable. I had my TA do this March 20th. I have not received my refund yet and feeling frustrated. My TA said it could be 90 days. Is that possible? I'm lucky in that I "only," paid 950 so far (2 rooms) but I would like that 950 back. Should I just wait for TA or try to call myself? Thanks All and Stay Safe.
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