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  1. The itinerary change says, "Due to operational reasons." My cruise is July 12 from Seward to Vancouver.
  2. SAME HERE! I talked to Dave on the phone before the change and he said it could be done from Haines, but what a pain! But if they can change it, can they change back? I sure hope not.
  3. Thank you . I have read the reviews and I agree with you that people love to complain. Still I like forums like here where I can ask a real person. I feel totally fine now about the middle. I may book no snow dog sled in Skagway (actually Haines) just in case it gets canceled. I wouldn’t be mad if it got canceled because I certainly wouldn’t want to go up it was dangerous. That said, my daughter is so looking forward to doing dogsledding. If we do it twice… Then we do it twice. Obviously it will be a different experience. Thanks again for all your help
  4. What's flat black? Is that your wife and daughter in front? And you had good views from the middle or you were just content since your wife and kids got the best seats? 🙂 Kids and wife matter most! (I'm the wife!) And your wife and daughter were the two thinnest of the group and you in the middle? Were the other two heavier than the middle or lighter? Just curious I 100% agree that safety is paramount. I actually was refusing to do this completely due to my terror of helicopters, but it seems so amazing and I assume it's safe and it's my paranoia. I hope! Let me ask you - so it can easily be cancelled which means we could lose out on getting dog sledding - originally I planned on booking the dog sled tour that is non-snow. My daughter really wants to dog sled, but I don't want to book it twice. I assume it will be sold out by the time we find out the helicopter ride is (if it happens) cancelled. I guess that's the chance I have to take. My husband is 100% against spending the money but he'll go along with me since I went along with balloon ride in Turkey. Every time I see pictures I'm convinced it's worth it even if we get the middle seat. My daughter and BF are likely to be in front and we always want our kids to be happy, right?!
  5. But there are only 4 of us so who knows about the other two.. Even siting in the middle the view will be fabulous - just not as good pictures? That would be fine!
  6. Before reading all of the amazing reviews about the helicopter tour and dogsledding, I thought I didn’t want to do it because it was very expensive and it would probably be scary. But when I read reviews from TripAdvisor and cruise critic people everybody says it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Very excited about dogsledding… We were willing to do it on ground rather than snow. So my main reservation as I read the reviews is what if we get squished in the back middle seats? There would be 4 of us... daughter and boyfriend husband and me. Daughter is about 100 pounds and boyfriend is small too. I am also small… About 135 pounds and husband is about 165 pounds. I realize that they assigned seats based on safety. So two questions… First question is if you got stuck in the middle seat would it still be worth the money and a trip of a lifetime? Second question is if there’s four of us and we’re all relatively small … Would they allow us to switch seats on the way back? So if daughter and boyfriend with Front and we were middle could daughter and boyfriend the middle and we be front on the way back? I realize you can’t say for sure… Looking for your best thoughts and I realize that we should contact them and ask. Thank you so much for your time. Ellen
  7. My TA is irritating me. He wanted to take over my cruise that I booked with HAL. The HAL board said this would be better for me so I said yes. So now he's getting the commission but has done nothing for me. I even booked my own air. He did find a good flight and we bought it ourselves so it wasn't nothing. I asked him if he any OBC for me.
  8. Oh I wouldn't do it with a car. I meant doing it with the ferry and then the train booking on our own. My TA thinks he can do it.???
  9. Interesting. I didn't know it could be refundable. I will check. THANKS
  10. That's the trip I want to do as well. But I don't want to do it with the cruise ship. I want to do it on my own. I wonder if that's "safe," meaning getting back to the ship on time (9 pm)
  11. Wow so many GREAT posts! I was busy teaching Newton's 2nd Law of Motion to my 3rd grade gifted students. Woofbite - yes I know that logically! I'm teaching aerodynamics and i know why a plane stays up in the air. I also have a totally irrational fear plus it's very expensive and I'm bringing daughter's boyfriend. I'll have to think more about it. IF I did it, which port and which excursion? Homossassa - thanks for the food tips. I hate mayo! Jebhoward 3 - I knew that about wine. I didn't realize I could use OBC for it - good to know! Tampagirl - yes 700 for the Neptune cabin and 400 for daughter's ocean view Mrmoviezombie (haha) Honestly I don't think we'll be back. We are explorers. We like to see new places all of the time. Next summer is Africa. I can see it as a maybe when we're old (should we get so lucky to have the privilege of getting old) but for now, assume this is the one time we go. We lean toward we should do the train. I guess I should seriously consider the flight. UGH - I'm thinking about it. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!
  12. WOW thanks yes we're staying in Anchorage for 2 nights - also Denali and Seward (all on our own prior to the cruise) THANKS!
  13. OH! OOPS! Well then I won't go there when I'm in Haines! Thanks
  14. Well that's an interesting idea. We love quirkly little towns. Does it have a good seafood place? I was told Skagway has Tracy's Crabhouse which sounds like our type of place - but we wouldn't go all the way over there just for food of course. River rafting would be too cold (for me) And the train - some say it's a must-see.... But we are spending a week north first and doing many excursions (including trains) there so maybe you'll say it's a good-see but not a must-see?
  15. Hi All, This is my first post on this part of the forum. I really tried looking for answers before posting. We are doing our first cruise (we tend to travel to a country and do things on our own because we don't like big crowds and group tours - but an Alaska cruise called to us and we realize we need to do tours, though we are doing a week on our own before the cruise). We realize, after booking Dyea Dave, that our ship (Noordam HAL) stops at Haines rather than Skagway. Now we know we would have to take a ferry to meet Dave and that doesn't seem realistic. We are looking for tours from Haines that would allow us to see Yukon and ride the railway (one way would be fine). We also are looking for a dog sledding (NO flight) either from Haines as part of the railway or Juneau. Any suggestions would be very welcome. There will be 4 of us - we are 60 and our daughter and boyfriend are 20. We're physically quite able. THANKS Ellen We
  16. I’ve heard those helicopters crash.are they really safe? I am cancer free... celebrating.. Yukon rail is from Skagway right? Can we go from Haines? where did you whale watch? Who did you use for the private excursions if I’m allowed to ask that? Thank you so much! I’m really trying to plan a trip of a lifetime that doesn’t involve massive crowds.
  17. YES - I booked him!. OH NO I didn't realize that Haines would be a problem!!! We arrive in port at 6:30 am and leave at 9 pm but I don't want to risk that. I will contact him. I was thinking the train was great. Maybe I should book that one on the train. Or the dog sledding! Now I'm not sure THANK GOODNESS you told me this!!! THANKS
  18. Oh so OBC is just that .. on board. Makes sense. So if I wait I may not get the excursion I want. Yes i think there might be dog be dog sledding with the Dyea dave tour in Skagway ( why does HAL call it Haines BTW?) I’m terrified of doing a flight no matter how beautiful.
  19. Oh pop up sounds great. No TA didn’t do private tour. We did ir all ourselves with some help from TripAdvisor forum. Anchorage, Denali, Seward totaling 7 days on our own no tours, deya dave is a smallTour company that was recommended by trip adviser forum friends i will check HAL tomorrow thanks!!
  20. What is the pop up? Like a maybe dinner place? Any thoughts on where to dogsled in Juneau? No flying. Travel agent wants 580 for 3 people. Is that right?
  21. Oh we are good tippers and will tip individual people with cash not OBC. OBC is from HAL.TA not helpful at All! So okay we should book the dog sledding with credit I think! Thanks!
  22. Hi thanks! We are on Noordam. What restaurants are worth it? We love good food but happy with whatever rather than up pricing mediocre food. What service charge? If you mean gratuities are gratuities are included. It was a perk for both us and my daughters room. We would never wait until the last minute to book excursions we realize they will book up. My daughter is determined to dogsled. So despite the cost will do it . TripAdvisor suggested that we use Dyea dave to see Emerald Lake in Skagway so we book that. I see that you can add a dogsled to that excursion but I’m not sure if you get the full experience adding that on to their private tour or whether it be better to just do it in Juneau. Are there any excursions the people have done that they would say oh it’s a must it’s a must?? Thanks for your time I really appreciate it
  23. Hi Again you wonderful, helpful people, We are now in the process of booking excursions. You might remember me from the TA taking over our cruise topic. So we will have 350 on board credit each (hubby and I in Neptune) and daughter and boyfriend will have 400 total. We booked a Skagway tour on our own. We want dog sledding (no flying) in Juneau. .The TA found us one for 580 for 3 people (left out boyfriend so far) and that seems like a lot. But that's not my question - though I welcome responses. My main question is this: Should we book tours via cruise company (at least one) or will we use that money on other things on the boat? We will not buy alcohol (bringing wine). We might upgrade dinners (noordam) but don't know the cost of that so perhaps you can give us an idea. We won't buy souvenirs - do that off the boat. So what are your thoughts on that on board credit? Further, can the TA book tours via the cruise now that he "owns," our cruise or would we contact the cruise company to do so if that's your best advice? THANKS Ellen
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