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  1. That would require smiley to do some deep thinking rather than just throwing down a bunch of negative charts and graphs. Ain't gonna happen. Great try though!
  2. Interested in your thoughts on why September and not July or December or any other starting point. Wondering if you have any "inside information" as to when this may occur.
  3. Exactly the point I was making to her.
  4. Surely you’re not going to patronize a cruise line that avoids US labor laws. Seems there’s a hypocrite lurking around every corner.
  5. Unless, of course, YOUR livelihood and being able to feed and clothe YOUR is part of that “drop in the bucket”. Such an analysis speaks to someone becoming very high minded and full of themself.
  6. Interesting and in direct conflict with MSC's own stated position of: Valid on all cruises booked through May 31, 2021 AND departs on or before September 30, 2022. No mention of any earlier dates. Our TA advised us last week that our 3 upcoming MSC cruises, all booked prior to 8/5/20, are protected by the Total CruiseFlex coverage. If we are not able to sail for covid related reasons, I guess this all will be put to the test. Thanks for getting back with us.
  7. Happy not to be joining you in your “local restaurant”. Sounds way too stuffy for colonists like me. New(ish) black jeans and a Hawaiian shirt are perfectly acceptable anywhere and everywhere onboard in any dining venue anytime of the day or night. This has been my experience over and over again. Be comfortable.
  8. Could this be another case of an MSC agent being without a clue? The link DC guy posted includes the following: Valid on all cruises booked through May 31, 2021 AND departs on or before September 30, 2022 Note their use of the word ALL and the absence of the word NEW. Many of us will be very interested in the response to the email you sent. Please keep us in the loop.
  9. Interesting workaround. Perhaps the Chief will weigh in on this.
  10. Agree completely with NancyIL. Steve is very accessible and easy to get on the phone. If he doesn't answer or is otherwise unavailable at the moment you call, leave a message and ask that he return the call. We've not used anyone but Steve for all of our travel insurance needs for years and years and wouldn't think of purchasing a policy with his counsel.
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