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  1. Looking for info from those who may have it on the Oct 24, 2021 Musica sailing from Venice to Durban. Has this cruise been cancelled? As always, MSC is very, very stingy about sharing current cancellation information. Need to rapidly make other plans if this sailing isn’t going to happen. Thanks!!!
  2. @Steelers36 has reported several times the OBC one receives is Refundable. Hope this hasn’t changed.
  3. Bgwest

    Sharing wifi

    This sounds like it may be very helpful and useful information. Would you please elaborate? Guess I'm just a bit dense because I don't understand exactly what you are saying. I did notice on their website different purchase options. Is this what you are referring to? By that I mean, looking at the images copied below from the internet portion of their website, I appears that the first option would cost me $400 for two devices but the second option "only" $319.50 for the same two devices. In both of the options, I can select a purchase for each individual passenger. If I select the second option and choose ONLY me, then does that mean I have two logons available to me and that my wife can use the second one for her iphone? Sorry to be so dense about all of this but I'm far from "techie qualified"! Thanks!!! INTERNET sBrowse - 1 Device Browse - 1 Device Price:$ 199.75 Per person Browse - 2 Devices Price:$ 319.50 Per person
  4. I'm almost certain this has been discussed but darned if I can find it. Apologies for treading old ground. Wife and I have a long cruise booked and are researching onboard wifi options. If we buy the "one device" plan, will we be able to share the plan by one of us of logging off and letting the other log on and switching back and forth a few times a day? If it matters, we will be on the Musica.
  5. Thanks! I apologize but I know nothing about @ tagging.
  6. Here’s where it gets really squirrley. When I click on “View Results” this is one of the many choices that come up. Note that it says Crown. When I click on the January 4 date, like magic the same screen changes to Grand! Your guess is as good as mine.
  7. Anyone (Steelers36) aware of any movement by Princess adding cruise length pricing for the longer cruises rather than pricing strictly based on the daily rate ?
  8. FWIW, I'm using a Chrome browser. Also tried it on Edge and Safari. Same results. Grand is there. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Clicking on the “Ship” drop down brought this up:
  10. Intentionally did not input ship. Got this. Note “2 Results”. Clicking on this brought up Grand and Ruby
  11. Taken just this minute. Hope this means what you experienced was just a temporary glitch.
  12. So then we shall interpret said comment as fact rather than rumor.
  13. Drinks arrive at different times and you are going to abandon a cruise line because of this perceived shortcoming? Definitely a first world problem.
  14. So now we are furthering the spread of unsubstantiated hokum from the rumor mill?
  15. We just returned from a 14 day B2B on another cruise line. Covid testing was done on the last sea day and negative letters given to those who tested so. The walk off and back on was the normal easy process. If Princess is testing off the ship on turnaround day, that makes for a very dicey situation for anyone who tests positive. As has already been pointed out, a positive test will prevent that pax from reboarding. Repacking and removing one's belongings becomes a nightmare. Wonder why Princess has chosen not to test on the last sea day? Surely can't be to eliminate the black mark from a positive test while on board. While a positive test will be on the dock not on the ship, surely that pax would be counted among those on that particular cruise. Curious.
  16. I knew there was something I was missing. Couldn't see the forest for the trees, I guess. Thanks for straightening me out!!
  17. We were on the Carnival Vista in mid-late August (B2B from Galveston). Really didn't want to do Carnival but we discovered it was the fastest way to get back on the water. Even in a grand suite and with access to the havana club, we are one and done with them. But I digress..... They were in fact doing bacon every other day, at least in the buffet. (Gave up on the MDR the second day but that's another story.) They did figure out a cutesy way to handle it.
  18. Is there something new here that I’m just missing? The requirement to now test at 2 days has been around for a week or so. I’m confused.
  19. Not missing it so much as just docking a a bit further from city city center. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Dún+Laoghaire,+Dublin,+Ireland/@53.3162426,-6.2506202,12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x486707defb471c8f:0xa00c7a9973229f0!8m2!3d53.2943958!4d-6.1338666
  20. Agreed! Thanks for all of the informative responses to my question.
  21. Yet there will always be those, mostly we in the US, who are spring loaded to dispense cash with only the most minute provocation.
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