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  1. Sorry, off here a few days to deal with my son's broken arm 😞 ugh. My mom and I both booked through casino rates. My PVP says I can't cancel until policies in place for Nov/Dec cruises but she extended my final payment date to 9/21 (orig 9/6). My mom called Carnival yesterday, the PVP that answered had no idea what she was talking about as far as extending final payment date and told her she would refund her deposit and cancel her cruise . Whatever. I know things are nuts but I'm so ready to move on and they won't let me.
  2. Yeah, me either. Too much hoop jumping to get on a ship right now, not interested. I have been on several land vacations during Covid and will continue to do that until things return to normal. Starting to have doubts that will ever happen.
  3. Did they say why or if it was just that sailing?
  4. My Carnival PVP tells me if guidelines not out for my cruise by Sept. 6 (final payment date) that I can call her to extend.
  5. My final payment date is the 6th of next month and I am ready to cancel. We were supposed to cruise Thanksgiving week, I have already moved on.
  6. That is sad. I don't want this to ever feel normal....
  7. Wow, that is pretty crazy. I just heard about someone's 77 year old Gma being stuck at the Miami airport for 3 days that can't get a flight to Texas. I think American. We have had problems here with cancellations in Dallas as well. My bosses flight was cancelled on Sunday too. Made me glad we drove this last trip.....happy it worked out well for you!
  8. Well said! People have just gotten ridiculous....
  9. Just had a wonderful vacation in Gulf Shores Alabama...no masks as we travelled through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. It was great! I will soon be cancelling our Thanksgiving cruise, not dealing with all the hoop jumping.
  10. That is part of it....my husband, 11 year old and my 70 year old mom and her boyfriend have all had Covid and have no plans to vaccinate. And I don't really want to deal with all the hoop jumping required for unvaccinated folks (testing $150 each, bubble or no excursions, no kids club, excemptions, etc.) It is a vacation and that doesn't sound relaxing. I can get a nice cabin in the woods and chill instead. With it being Thanksgiving, it will be very difficult to find something decently priced by the time we find out what the final answer is...which I really don't expect to change. Not trying to be dramatic, just ready to move on to something else. Thanks for your kind message.
  11. Unfortunately I'm still in limbo...My planner says that message only applied to cruises through 10/31. I really just want to move on and make other plans.
  12. Yep, I saw the refund part and I'm like I'm done with this waiting game and moving on...
  13. Well, I think it's pretty clear that it is time to cancel my Thanksgiving cruise and move on down the road.
  14. It's not so much hope as I'm tired of worrying about it. Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and get you away from your daily stress. All this back and forth and uncertainty is getting me to the point of almost wanting to call it. I will wait just so hopefully I can get a refund/credit but I'm starting to think of other options.
  15. Thank you for the information. Was optimistic about November a couple months ago but I'm starting to think it really isn't going to happen 😞 Trying to figure out what to do instead of the cruise.
  16. Yeah, they have it backwards. The short cruises are not the family type in my experience, unless ladies flashing people on the lido deck is family oriented. If I take my kids it is usually a 7 day, the 4 day ones have always been with friends and more of a party atmosphere.
  17. Man you have gone through a lot of changes, I'm sorry and hope you have a fun vacation regardless of where you end up! I just have the one for Thanksgiving, that I finally scheduled because I thought all of this would be over. Reading all the nonsense here is really making me want to throw my hands up and say to heck with cruises and move on to something else. There is just too much hoop jumping and I'm not sure I want to participate.
  18. Not buying trip insurance regardless of Covid is not the right thing.
  19. I have bought cruise insurance for all 18 of my cruises...I don't think of it as optional.
  20. I do hope y'all get to cruise 🙂
  21. Yeah, that part I can't help you with. My husband reads and listens to music, I play Candy Crush and my son usually watches downloaded movies when we fly 🙂
  22. We flew Sun Country once on an all inclusive and it was very nice and on time. I hope you like it! We had never heard of it before then and was a little nervous but we ended up being pleasantly surprised.
  23. Loved the review! and I made sure to take note of your website so I can read more 🙂 Since there are no new reviews yet I am resorting to reading the old ones posted by you and Sid. lol
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