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  1. · Cruise Ship – Island Princess · Initial Booking Date – February 14, 2019 · Travel Agent Involved - No · Scheduled Sail Date – June 25, 2020 · Date of Full Payment – February 14, 2020 · My Cancellation Date – March 7, 2020 · Cancellation Type – Cash Refund · Cruise Cancellation Date of the Cruise – Well, its sailing has been cancelled now, but I am uncertain just when – Sometime in April or May - Probably Phase 2 · Credit Card Disputes Filed – May 7, 2020 (Chase $10,000 and Barclays $10,748) ·
  2. While my Chase charge seemed to be processing similar to others - they issue you a temporary credit for the charge, they contact the vendor and give them two billing cycles to respond, after which your credit becomes permanent - my Barclays card didn't work the same way. They see that I have a charge. They report that the charge either had a card present and valid security card, or was run through the system correctly. That's it. Case closed once they validated that I made the purchase. So I had to round up all of my materials and send to them on an appeal. This relationship w
  3. Cut my post too soon. Last week the Princess representative provided some encouragement. This week, not so much. I was scheduled for a June 25 cruise. I cancelled on March 7 - before the CLIA started cancelling gobs of cruises. Now 89 days after cancellation. The representative indicated that they were now only processing in strict sail date order, and that as far as she knew, they were processing as fast as they can, but were handling early May. Early May. Frustrated. I submitted Disputes to both of the involved credit card companies on May 9th. I guess I'll create some m
  4. Get your statement that has the charge on it, so you have the date and the amount. If you used multiple cards, get multiple statements. Call the customer service number and have your account numbers available. Ask for the disputes people. Disputes will ask you to explain, ask you about the date and amount of the transaction(s), and then ask you what contact you have made with the vendor that has given rise to the dispute. Sometimes it goes fast with them. Sometimes not. I cancelled March 7. Princess is to refund me $20,000+. I opened a dispute on May
  5. Cruise Ship – Island Princess Sail Date – June 25, 2020 My Cancellation Date – March 7, 2020 Cruise Cancellation Date – Well, its been cancelled now, but I am uncertain just when that happened Time since cancellation – 84 Days All excursions we had booked through the ship (and all non-ship) were refunded within a week. The Cruise Fare has been a different story. I call at least once per week. Initially, payment was to be in fifteen days, then 15 working days, then 30 days, then 45 days, then 60 days, then up to 90 days. While I cancelled before the CLIA shut
  6. I see Carnival furloughed over 800 today. Probably, with my luck, all from the refund processing group. BTW - to add to situation, I cancelled, not Princess, they charged me $100 per person cancellation,
  7. Princess Cruises Date Cancelled - March 7 Scheduled Sail Date - June 25 Princess Excursions Refunds Received - about $1,000 for excursions by March 15 Princess Passage Refunds Received - $0 Recent phone calls to Princess tell me they are processing in order of sail date, not cancellation.
  8. I saw it and I am on it right now. Two credit cards involved which will add a little confusion. Thank you for the counsel.
  9. 61 days from refund request – no refund yet. I was booked on my first Princess Cruise back in 2019. It was on the Island Princess for a 28-day Baltic Sea and Iceland cruise departing on June 23rd. When the COVID-19 thing surfaced, and Princess first announced their updated refund policy, I cancelled my voyage and was informed I had a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) or cash option. I chose cash. I was then informed that I should receive my $20,000 refund in 15 days – depending on my bank. My cancellation email notice was dated March 7, 2020. Princess later cancelled this
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