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  1. Last night I received an email saying I still owed money and after hearing this I took a closer look at the itinerary and confirmation and saw that roughly $900 of the cruise was refunded and reflected in my confirmation and check in information. (might I add that that’s not the whole cost of our vacation, so I’m kind of confused as to why only some of what I paid was refunded). I’m on hold with customer service now
  2. Sorry for any lack of information. I’m in the United States. The “Norwegian agent” i was referring to works directly with NCL. I’ve contacted my bank and the money was returned. However, because I wasn’t aware of the refund I tapped into some already. He said it was a glitch in their system and that the reservation is no longer confirmed so at any point before sailing I can forfeit my cabin. I guess the blame does fall back on me since the money was returned. I guess I’m just not understanding why the payment was refunded nearly 3 months later and that it was document on their end. It’s an unfortunate and disappointing situation to have planned this cruise since January, Pay in full, and just days before sailing see that for some reason the payment defaulted.
  3. It was, and I hadn’t noticed. I had a lot of transactions around the time it was refunded so I guess I over looked it. 🤦🏾‍♀️
  4. Hello, I’m hoping I can receive some friendly advice on how to handle this situation. On May 31st I paid the for my cruise in its entirety. I received confirmation and booking information regarding my flights, room, and boarding information both via email and the Norwegian agent who has been facilitating my arrangements. I completed my online check in weeks ago, and today I was informed that two weeks ago my payment from May was refunded to my banking account and that I have to repay it . Our cruise sets sail on the 28th if this month. Just 16 days away. I was unaware of the defaulted payment (and apparently so was my agent who I’ve been in contact with weekly since May) and I’m unable to pay $900 again with such short notice, as I get paid monthly. Are there any options for me? Is this my fault or the companies? I’ve gone over documents and itineraries that reflect the refunded payment and still showed that I was in good standing and that I didn’t owe anything. I’m at a loss. Thanks in advance fr any advice!
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