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  1. It would be cool to see dogs riding metro on their own! Too bad it’s not allowed anymore.
  2. I am glad that your friend and her house are ok. My heart aches for those affected in the Bahamas too!
  3. Wouldn’t you be all wiped out when you are back to SPB? Will you be able to fully enjoy touring SPB the next day? I am not sure how much rest/sleep you can get on the train back. I know I would be fine but my adult daughter would definitely not enjoy touring after a red-eye ride on the train. Everyone is different. This is just a concern for me. Hope you have a sea day following your stop at SPB to get reenergized.
  4. June should still be in regular ballet season. It’s from August to September that the top ballet theatre companies are on tour. If you visit the ballet theatre’s website like the Mariinsky’s, the ballet company performing will be noted and you can tell if it’s a troupe or not. Once you know the company and if it’s not Mariinsky, you can google them and you may find videos of their performance to decide if they are worth watching. I checked out the schedule for the past August and checked out videos of a listed company and was not impressed. So, I may not visit any ballet performance next August when I visit SPB. I would when I can visit again in the regular season. An excuse to return!
  5. I hope everyone in the affected areas are safe and well. We visited Disney World and cruised the week between Charlie and Frances hit Florida. We were really lucky. It will take a long while to clean up the aftermath and rebuild the damaged areas. My prayers are with those affected by Dorian.
  6. I have never ridden Uber solo, mostly with my daughter who has ridden it solo many times, and we have felt safe riding. I would feel worried riding a taxi though, and need to check the driver’s info discreetly while I am in it. For Uber, I have all the info on the App and can keep a record of it digitally on the phone. You can also read reviews of the driver. I would pay more for the peace of mind by using Uber.
  7. We have two days and decided only staying in SPB for both days. We are thinking of forming a private tour with other cruisers on another forum as the CC roll call for that cruise is so quiet. We are looking into Anastasia Travel as well. Very excited to go!
  8. Thanks Black Pink Tink! It’s the 1820 Society, not 1821 Club!! My bad!
  9. Is the tour you attended a small group tour or a private tour? We have only two people in our group and private tour is out of budget for two people. Would be interested in small group tours. Do they offer early bird discounts? If so, how early should we book? Thanks for sharing your experience and answering our inquiry!
  10. There’s a 1821 Club your daughter can join to meet up with other youngsters her age. They do have organized meetups which should be listed on the personal navigator or DCL App. Alcoholic drinks and specialty coffee cost extra plus gratuity charge. I believe non-alcoholic Shirley Temple is free at MDR though.
  11. Go to the DCL website to get some quotes to see if the price is right for you. We had OBB 10% off on a 4-night cruise sailing out of Miami to the Bahamas on January 1 and the cost was about $2320 including taxes and the 10% discount. This was an Aft extended verandah room category 6A. An inside room should cost less. We were on the Disney Magic. The DCL Dream class ships usually cost more though. Hope this helps!
  12. I also hope for DCL to expand their sailings to other parts of the world. I am not a beach person. Asia would be wonderful!
  13. I am happy with kids friendly (for the young at heart) and adult only choices offered by Disney. I enjoy seeing kids getting excited meeting with their favourite characters. I also enjoy quiet adult downtime. I can choose between family activities and adult only activities. I make the choice I want at the time I want. On the other hand, I saw kids went into the gym once and were trying out the equipment for a good while. After I was done my exercise, on my way out, I told the CM at the Spa desk about it and mentioned the incident on the comment card. This is a greater safety issue than kids being in the adult only areas. I just wish parents can show more respect to rules and safety regulations.
  14. Second vote for Blue Water Cafe! Have been there twice and enjoyed it both times!
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