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  1. Update: So, no word from Norwegian. Not from "supervisor", not from Vivian Evert, whom I sent an email about a week ago. They simply ignore me. I opened a dispute with the credit card company requesting 820.00 dollar charge (one of the series of payments I have made to Norwegian before the cruise) to be reversed. It seem to be the only option to get some justice here. Luckily, if you pay with the credit card this option is always available. Sad, really.
  2. Update: Called them again today. Beginning is pretty much the same: one hour waiting for someone to pick up, then I was put on hold while they "find out". Eventually I was told that since it is POST cruise refund, refund department does not even deal with it, and I should be transferred to guest relations! Was transferred, waited another 30 minutes for someone to pick up there. Finally nice girl picked up, listened to my complaint and said she is "sending an email to her supervisor". Apparently, only supervisors can do something over there. I had to take it at that, hopefully it will not be like last time, when supervisor was supposed to "call me". I guess will have to wait another 3 weeks...
  3. Thank you. I am sure it has nothing to do with the payment card, cause I still use this card every day for other payments, this is my main credit card. it expires in November. But maybe there are other issues? I will try calling them again today.
  4. No, I paid directly. There is. however, an NCL agent attached to the itinerary, and I was in touch with her too. She said I got the future cruise credit, but knows nothing about the cash refund.
  5. Thank you. This is exactly what I am afraid of - that there is some sort of mistake, or another issue, and I got only part of the money. Now they may not do anything unless I get through to them somehow. They do not make it easy, though. Yes, 2 hours on hold was insane. I am not sure if they did it deliberately, hoping I will hang up. I also found it suspicious that they ignored my request for a refund with the claim, and, as you can see from their email quoted above, simply promised to refund "my expenses". There is no word whether or not the rest of the money EVER coming. I find it difficult to just sit and wait in this situation, given that there is no formal acknowledgement of outstanding amount to be forthcoming.
  6. Thank you. I did email too, of course. Problem with emails - they are even easier to ignore. I got no response. I also left a message on their Facebook page. Same result. 😥
  7. Thank you guys. I understand that it may take time, the worry I have is that they do not seem to any longer ACKNOWLEDGE the fact that they still owe me money. Just to clarify, here is the best recollection of how my phone conversation back on July 23 went: >>>>>>>> - Hello, this is NCL, how can we help you? - I am calling to check on a status of my refund. - What is your reservation number? - XXXXXXXX - You have received a refund on July 5. - Wait, yes, I have received SOME PART of the refund, but it is by no means everything we were promised! We were told we will get 50% of the fare in cash, and what I got was total of about $600, which is not even half of that! - Ugh, hold on... - Ok ..... - Are you still holding? - Yes - Hold on some more - Ok .... - Ok, we can't give you any information, my supervisor will call you back on that. What is your telephone number? <<<<< It has been 3 weeks now, still waiting... 😞 So, you can see why I am worried here? Given that some people state that they got the entire refund IMMEDIATELY, I am not sure if the money I got, which is barely 20% of the initial fare paid, is ALL they will pay! I do not want to wait for 6 months only to discover that... nothing is coming and nobody knows anything. I want to make sure they actually ACKNOWLEDGE the money should come at some point, and then I can wait. It would be good to hear from people on my cruise, see what they got so far? There were 2500 people, surely at least some of them read this message board?
  8. Thank you. I am mainly interested in other people's experience. Regarding the time it takes - its not the time itself as much as a complete lack of clarity as to when and how this money will be refunded. Note that the first refunds went through IMMEDIATELY, yet they do not add up nowhere near $1859, which, as you hopefully can see, I did mention in the original post as the exact amount I expect. I have opened the claim too, actually, about two weeks ago, and included $177.00 I paid for our flight to Rome. Sorry, I have failed to mention it in the original post. I did get a response today, which only talks about the flight fare, and NOTHING (not a word) about the 50% of the original fare paid. Here it is. What worries me, again, is that they completely hush up the original fare paid part of the refund, as if it does not exist, even though I did include it in the claim. Re: Norwegian Pearl Dear Mr. M Thank you for your patience as we reviewed your correspondence. We apologize for any disappointment and inconvenience you experienced, due to the mechanical issue encountered with Norwegian Pearl. We have received your receipts for your out of pocket expenses. As such, we have requested a check on your behalf from our accounting department, which will be forwarded to you under separate cover within approximately 3-4 weeks. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns and look forward to welcoming you onboard in the near future. Sincerely, Latanya Postell Coordinator Guest Relations
  9. I just want to see if anyone got their promised refund from Norwegian Pearl? We were on the cruise that got interrupted due to a mechanical problem, forcing us to disembark in Barcelona and fly to Rome by ourselves July 3. Norwegian promised everyone aboard 50% cash refund and 50% future credit based on the original fare paid. We got captain's letter to that effect, plus it was widely reported in media at the time. Now, my wife and I paid a total of $7037.22 to Norwegian for that cruise. According to our invoice, that included $3718.00 guest fair, $503.22 port fees and taxes and $377.00 prepaid service charge. A simple calculation shows that 50% of the guest fare is $1859.00 Few days after we left the ship and flew to Rome we got three separate refunds from NCL on my credit card: $377.00 $100.00 $151.00 I am not sure exactly what they are, but my guess is - it is refund of prepaid service charge and half of port fees and taxes. We were also given cash before we left the ship for unused shore excursions, which have nothing to do with the original fare. Now, where is the rest of the money? It is August 12 now. It has been almost 6 weeks since we left the boat. I called Norwegian on July 23, and spent 2 hours on hold only to be eventually told that they "do not know anything about that" and "their supervisor will call me back". It has been 3 weeks now, and no one called me back. Is anyone else in the same situation? This is a lot of money, are they trying to hush it up and go back on their word now? I attached a copy of captains letter we were given to this post, in case everyone wants to see it. PS - I am also curious if people who were supposed to depart from Civitavecchia got their promised 100% cash and 100% future cruise credit refunds?
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