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  1. Good evening, Before we went on the cruise, I had booked the all inclusive photo download package. It was a bit of hassle on the boat as we had to link accounts etc Anyway, on a couple of occasions once back, I've tried to download the pictures from the internet but each photo still has the 'proof' label all over them and its asking me to pay again for the downloads. Can anyone point me in the right direction, I keep meaning to call MSC customer services but I keep forgetting. Thanks
  2. Just got back from a week on MSC Seaview. Dining times were 6.20pm-8.20 and 10.20pm. the most popular and fully booked was 8.20pm. Times and restaurant were printed on your cruise card when you check in. It’s hard to change times but be persistent
  3. Currently on the Seaview but leaving today. Dining times are 6.15pm, 8.15 and 10.15pm. I checked in on line and was allocated 6.15 (I don’t remember being given the option of 8.15pm) I spoke to the restaurant to get it changed and was put on the list, 6.15pm was just too early for us. After 2 days and a bit of pressure, we were moved to 8.15
  4. It must be on the system when you book the cruise. My wife emailed msc before we left about my birthday and heard nothing back
  5. I’m currently on the MSc Seaview and celebrated my 47th whilst on board. My wife ordered the cake during dinner which was great as the waiters arrive banging drums and singing Happy Birthday. When I used my cabin card during the day, it comes up on their system so people were congratulating me all day. Best thing to do is grab a member of the entertainment team on the day, they will have him doing the dancing and games. He will love it
  6. Great review. We're sailing on the Seaview next week. I'm thinking of getting the Digital photo package which is £80. Are there photographers scattered around the ship all day? I'm trying to work out roughly how many good photos we would get. Thanks
  7. Oh and another one.. With the drinks package, do you have to leave or pay a tip? How does it work? Can you get drinks as soon as you get on board
  8. Many thanks for your prompt replies. Going to leave the wifi as we're in port every day but maybe put that towards the photo package. How many pictures would normally be taken throughout the week, is it just for special evenings or is there a photographer walking around all day. Am I right in thinking with the digital package, we'll get all our pics on a website or disk for us to develop?
  9. Good evening, Completely new to this forum, I've been searching and reading posts for last couple of days and getting overwhelmed with information. Going on our first Family cruise (me, wife and 2 boys 15yr & 12) next week from Barcelona. Really excited but is it ok to run through different bits so people can guide/point me in the right direction So.. 1. We've been given am embarking time of 2.30pm, is it possible to get there early or is this frowned upon? 2. We've booked the easy drink package, £168 for adults and £77 for the kids. I know we're allowed drinks up to 6 euros so roughly 4 drinks a day to break even is doable. I also liked the idea of the kids getting milkshakes etc without having to ask, am i right in thinking they can get milkshakes, hot chocolates etc or just fizzy drinks 3. Is it worth getting the total digital photo package. At the moment its on offer for £80 per cabin 4. Is it worth getting the wifi package for 1 phone, does the ship have public wifi in places. I'm self-employed, so whilst I enjoy getting away from it, I also need to be contactable at some point 5. Slightly nervous about the boys on board, whilst there good kids, I will worry when not in view. Whats the best way to stay in contact. I've read post-it notes in the room, can anyone recommend walkie talkies or is their a system on board for keeping an eye on them? 6. Is it possible to get a table for 4 rather than share a big table? I'll start with this for now if ok, I have other questions about ports etc but would love to hear your feedback Thanks for your time
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