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  1. Words cannot begin to express how sorry I am for your loss. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  2. That is what I thought but I wasn't sure. When I booked the cruise I went through a Carnival TA and she didn't really explain the whole guarantee thing to me other than to say she was getting the best rate. Live and learn and all of that good stuff. 🙂
  3. Hey everyone, my son and I are cruising Dec. 14th on the Conquest and I just saw where we got our room, we did the grantee room. It is room 2369 and I've been looking at the deck plans and from what I can tell it is right under the galley. I'm thinking this might not be an amazing room but since I've only been on one cruise before and I honestly do not remember where out room was I am just not sure. If this isn't a good room is there any chance of me being able to switch rooms or upgrade if anything is available or am I locked into this room? I booked through one of Carnivals TA's or whatever
  4. Normally on 7 day and longer there are two elegant nights, Sunday and Wednesday.
  5. Hey everyone, my son, who is 24, and I will be sailing on the Conquest December 14th and he is trying to figure out what to wear for the two Elegant Night dinners. One of NCO's told him he should just wear his Army Dress Blues since he doesn't own a suit other than that one and not to waste the money to buy one. At 6'8 there really isn't such a thing as a cheap suit lol. However, he's worried he will strange or stick out if he wears it. For those of you have cruised a bit or are/were in the Army, or any branch of the military, what are your thoughts on him wearing his Dress Blues? Have you eve
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