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  1. This was the original article, just stumbled upon it; https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/3902/
  2. Marella Dream is due out for refurbishment Jan/Feb/Mar and it seems likely she'll be sticking around longer than the Celebration. Last thing I've read from tui was several months ago stating that they had draft plans for the refit but nothing concrete - does anyone know any more?
  3. Almost undoubtedly it will drop. Normally when brochures launch they do so at brochure full price. Give it till as you say Christmas time or maybe New Year/January and prices drop. I tend to make a note of the price now and monitor it, and book when it's at its best.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Celebration having a refurbishment this winter also?
  5. Lovely post though Scot born. I have to be honest I've only posted a few things on Marella only and got really good replies. It can be frustrating when people ask repetitive or what seems silly questions, I just have to remember sometimes not everyone is as net savvy as me, I only have to think about older people facing bank and shop closures and being expected to register for everything online - it must be overwhelming for some.
  6. To be fair I'd be inclined to agree with a lot of these things - all a bit like Tesco pricing , but cruises I've been tracking went up in price about a week before the code then came down to almost where they were before, give or take a few pounds two days before the code was released. So it doesn't always work in your favour but on this occasion it would. For the two of us we'd be £138 better off using code. Another tip is to use topcashback, currently 2.02%.
  7. £150 off discount code 'CRUISE150' and valid November 2019 to October 2020.
  8. Normally with land based package holidays the likes of tui want you at the airport about 2.5hrs before flight time, that means getting to the airport about 4pm. Take off that the time it takes to get there from wherever you are docking I'm assuming a minimum of 1 hr that's 3pm. You have to leave the ship and go through whatever process they do, it doesn't leave a huge amount of time realistically. The one and only cruise I have done had a early flight back so it wasn't an issue.
  9. I can answer my own question, they go on sale 7th November!
  10. Thanks for all the info. Having been on them all, what's your thoughts on the two older ships? Do they really feel tired as a passenger?
  11. Thanks, really appreciate that. Always seems the older ships have the cheaper cruises, I'd hate to be disappointed!
  12. Thanks for the info. Since posting I saw that on another board also. I've done Island Escape years ago and not been on a cruise since, thinking more informal is our thing. I loved the cruise but the ship was tired in places, anyone any recommendations on the best of the Marella fleet?
  13. Gotta be organised with holidays! Princess went in sale yesterday.
  14. Does anyone know when Marella put summer 2021 on sale?
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