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  1. Now, this is playing dirty incognito out of safety of your own cave. Not nice at all.
  2. @ObstructedView2 Pardon me, posted it in the wrong thread, meant to do it elsewhere. I am flattered for being quoted though ....
  3. Folks, whoever has cruised on Carnival ... is there a place for a 16-year old to connect with folks his age on the ship? Thank you for all your feedback.
  4. @jbethel11 Now we are discussing children being spoiled. You haven't seen them so this is based on very weak evidence.
  5. Yup, I get critique, parental advises, concerns that my kids picked this cruise, clues of incompetence, etc. You bet, I want this to end!
  6. @tallnthensome My consern had three parties involved: me, my children and Carnival. Now you want me to do cost elasticity analysis on $1.50 for 4000 people to sympathise with the business? This is a job for analysts at Carnival and exactly a product of why no refund has been offered. I am writing this in humorous mood, don't get this seriously. On a serious note, if safety is a consern, the liability claims would run exponentially higher than a possible cost of repairs, or G-d forbid, someone could get hurt. If I am correct RE: safety, they are doing the right thing.
  7. @ImANewfie could not imagine a better response - thanks! I am just another dad who will travel alone with two boys who deserve to get their portion of fun. Was just trying to avoid possible disappointments.
  8. Cruise critics are on-offence! Sorry, but I can't take parential advise from an internet persona. Mods, please lock this down!
  9. @Organized Chaos I truly, truly could not make sense of your question/statement. Post count stats with conspiracy theory on posts deleted and Canada's role in the whole thing. 🙂 Take it easy my friend, we need cruises to forget what's coming in November. All I was [originally] frustrated with is SkyRide closure, read posts #1 and #3. At post #23 I stated that the issue is exhausted.
  10. PhillyFan33579> Please read posts #1/3 , line #2 in both. Overall, I consider the original topic issue exhausted. Thank you all for your insights!
  11. the SkyRide on Horizon also got closed, here is the article on that: https://www.cruisehive.com/second-vista-class-carnival-cruise-ship-closes-skyride-feature/33490 If it is safety-related, we'd be better without it.
  12. @Shaded Lady This makes sense, set the limits a minute ago! I imagine they would spend it on pop, which they are not allowed at home.
  13. The browser froze, didn't finish editing or hit "submit" too early. Pardon me!
  14. [skip ...] Thanks a lot, this is a partial relief 🙂 This is a sort of thing my boys are looking for! Instagram it all.
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