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  1. We are sailing out of New Orleans in January 2020. Do I need to pay for the cruise terminal parking before we go or is that something that we have to pay for the day of embarkation?
  2. Does it have to be new? Like in the box?
  3. How big of a fan can you bring on a Carnival cruise ship? My fiance and I are so hot-natured, and I am afraid that we will be miserable on the ship. I have heard that most staterooms do not get very cold, so we want to bring a fan but we don't know how big of one we can bring. Also, does it have to be in a box if we bring it in our carry-on luggage?
  4. If I have purchased Faster to the Fun will it be in there before 1:30?
  5. Where do we get our sign and sail cards for Carnival on embarkation day? I have been cruising before, but I cannot recall where we found our sign and sail cards. We are going on Carnival Valor. Thanks in advance!
  6. Are there a lot of kids at this one or is it mainly adults? It’s beautiful!
  7. My fiance and I are going on a Carnival cruise to Cozumel in January 2020, and we need to know which is the best beach to go to. I have been to Chankanaab before, and I liked it but I really would like a more "beachy" place to go. We also want to be adventurous such as snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, etc. Thanks in advance!
  8. Domestic cruises are cruises that begin and end in an U.S. port
  9. I am going on a cruise in January 2020 to Cozumel. I have a passport, but it needs to be renewed due to being 17 when I got it. My fiance has never had a passport before. So it would cost us over $200 to get passports and a lot more to do before the cruise. We are trying to save as much as we can on this little getaway. Is it too risky to travel without a passport and just bring a birth certificate and driver's license? I have read that Carnival allows this on domestic cruises which is what I am going on, but it does recommend having a passport. What do I need to do?
  10. Thank y’all so much! Just booked it! So excited!
  11. I am looking to book a cruise to Cozumel the second week in January through Carnival, and I just want to make sure that cruising in January is a good idea. Is it going to be too cold to even enjoy the cruise? I know that it is much cheaper in January rather than going in the summer, so that is mainly the reason why we would be able to go. I just don't want to book it and us not being able to enjoy it due to cold weather. Sailing from New Orleans! P.S. I am not a fan of really hot weather so I can deal with cool weather, but not freezing cold!
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