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  1. If you only have 3 days in Amsterdam before your cruise I wouldn’t waste a full day on a rushed trip to Germany. You can easily spend these 3 days in Amsterdam with perhaps a day trip to a nearby place. Another thing to consider is that even though Germany isn’t as big as the USA it’s still a huge country and a diverse country. The north is very different from the south and the eastern part can’t be compared to the western part. So unless you can visit the exact same area your family is from, I don’t really see the point. You might even get the wrong impression. What I mean is that if for instance my family came from San Diego generations ago and I would visit New York now, I would indeed get a glimpse of the USA but I still don’t have any idea about how my family might have lived a hundred of years ago.
  2. The Double Tree was not sold out, the dates appeared in grey because you were trying to make a booking for more than 1 year out. As of today (July 31) you can make bookings up to July 30, 2021, dates beyond that are greyed out. Tomorrow you will be able to book for a stay until July 31, 2021 and so on and so forth.
  3. “I also want to take him to a coffee shop and the Olde Kirche” I think you mean the Oude Kerk? (old church). Kirche is the German word for church. I trust you didn’t do this on purpose, but please don’t confuse the Dutch language with German. To some Dutch people that’s a very sensitive matter (related to WW2). If in doubt, it’s better to just use English. In the Netherlands we learn English from a very young age, so every local you will encounter as a tourist will speak English. I’m not sure when you plan to visit, but you need to be aware that currently you need to book a time slot in advance for most if not all museums, including the Oude Kerk.
  4. If the person who cannot walk too far doesn’t want to visit the AFH then it shouldn’t matter if the hotel is near the AFH. If the person who cannot walk too far doesn’t want to visit the AFH then I suggest you look at another area to stay in. The neighbourhood Jordaan where the AFH is located in, doesn’t have many hotels and the uneven streets aren’t the easiest to walk on. Depending on what other activities the clients want to do, it might be more convenient to pick another neighborhood. And with regards to the AFH not being ADA-compliant, that is the very nature of the museum! The Frank family tried to pick a hiding place that was very well hidden, not one that was easily accessible from outside (and thus easily detectable). The AFH have done their best to make as many parts of the museum accessible as they can, but installing an elevator/lift to the Secret Annex would destroy the very nature of the hiding place.
  5. I agree with previous posters. If the client has walking disabilities he/she is very likely to have problems negotiating the ladder like stairs in the Anne Frank House. For a photo of the stairs and more details about accessibility see the website of the Anne Frank house: https://www.annefrank.org/en/museum/practical-information/accessibility-museum/
  6. I’m not sure if they still have that agreement, €15/24h is quite a bargain for parking in central Amsterdam. But surely Celebrity will be able to help you if you contact them.
  7. What exact parking do you mean, because the PTA itself doesn’t operate parking facilities. They do have one official valet parking partner, called Weparc. Or you can park in one of the nearby parking garages managed by the city of Amsterdam or a private company. https://www.ptamsterdam.com/parking/
  8. The Keukenhof just added a 360 degrees tour of the garden to their website https://keukenhof.nl/en/nieuws/360-tour-door-keukenhof/ KLM also made a video of the Keukenhof using a drone as well as cameras on the ground. They added some nice sound effects too https://youtu.be/p0XKGOa8SfM
  9. This website has all kinds of videos of the flower fields https://www.enjoytheflowerfields.com/video/
  10. If you check the websites of museums like the Rijksmuseum https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/from-home and the Van Gogh Museum https://vangoghmuseum.nl/en/whats-on/we-bring-the-museum-to-you you wil find all kinds of photos, videos, app, podcasts etc etc to enjoy the museums from your home.
  11. Thalys is the company that operates the trains between Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam. Thalys is co-owned by the national railway companies of France and Belgium. The national railway company of the Netherlands is called NS. NS doesn’t own any shares of Thalys, but they are an official partner, because Thalys trains use the rail network in the Netherlands.
  12. It has just been announced that the closure of museums etc is extended until April 6, 2020. On top of that as of today Sunday March 15, 6PM local time, all cafes, bars, restaurants, coffeeshops etc etc will also be closed until April 6, 2020.
  13. To those that have prebought tickets for these museums for a date before April 1, 2020; the museums will refund the ticket price. The Anne Frank house specifically asks people not to contact them about the refund as they are getting inundated with questions. They will contact their customers to arrange the refund. For details about refunds from the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum: see their websites.
  14. Make sure you are getting charged in Euro’s. Do not choose to let the ATM do the conversion for you. This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion and is never to your advantage. Wherever in the world you withdraw money or make a creditcard payment, always make sure your card is charged in the local currency.
  15. Whatever you do, do NOT use Rome2rio to book tickets for public transport. They are a 3rd party ticket reseller and charge a fee on top of the normal ticket price. The train from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to Amsterdam Centraal costs €4,50 when you buy your ticket online at the official website of the company that runs the trains or in their app. Rome2rio charges you €5,60 for that exact same train ticket. The official website of the Dutch railway company and their app both have an English version and both accept foreign credit cards. See www.ns.nl/en
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