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  1. However you plan it.....I'm sure it will be GREAT!!!! Keep us posted
  2. Would you happen to be sailing on April 5th????
  3. Yes....mom is a hazelnut creamer drinker and always brings hers in a plastic zip locked bag. No problems at all. She grabs a couple from her bas as we are heading to breakfast
  4. This looks so yummy....now I am hungry!!!!
  5. The reason I usually get 2....or 3
  6. Same......I do enjoy a nice bowl but sometimes its not worth the picking it from my gums
  7. Oh yeah, I meant those. I always pre pay so its all done and its one less thing to worry about
  8. I can't remember for the life of me how much are the prepaid gratuities again? I believe they may have went up a little since I last cruised.
  9. April will be my 4th Glory cruise....and I can not wait!!!! Never had a problem with the staff, layout, food etc. Love the ship
  10. My mouth is watering just seeing the menu!!!! I can't wait.....176 days needs to hurry up and get here!
  11. I do the exact same! I am a walking pharmacy when I cruise. I plan for anything because you never know.
  12. Its probably a conversation about this already out there somewhere....so if it is, please redirect me. Never sailed out of New Orleans before. Was wondering about parking...is there a garage or parking lot close to port? And is there anything, other than the normal that I can expect from sailing out of this port.
  13. This is one of my favorite screens to watch!
  14. I just LOVE the port side....always book it when I cruise
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