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  1. Sitting on my balcony enjoying the peacefulness
  2. I printed out the documents and the only OBC that's listed is the amount of overage (because my new sailing was cheaper than my old sailing). I did reach out to my TA.
  3. I just looked and my $600 isn't listed. My travel agent told me that I would see it when I board. Just wondering about that!
  4. I always do a little research on the excursions at each port....whether I have been there before or not. If nothing draws my attention, then it will just be getting off the ship...shop/explore a little.
  5. Cruise April 5th.....and the ONLY way I won't be on that ship is if carnival says otherwise
  6. However you plan it.....I'm sure it will be GREAT!!!! Keep us posted
  7. Yes....mom is a hazelnut creamer drinker and always brings hers in a plastic zip locked bag. No problems at all. She grabs a couple from her bas as we are heading to breakfast
  8. This looks so yummy....now I am hungry!!!!
  9. The reason I usually get 2....or 3
  10. Same......I do enjoy a nice bowl but sometimes its not worth the picking it from my gums
  11. Oh yeah, I meant those. I always pre pay so its all done and its one less thing to worry about
  12. I can't remember for the life of me how much are the prepaid gratuities again? I believe they may have went up a little since I last cruised.
  13. April will be my 4th Glory cruise....and I can not wait!!!! Never had a problem with the staff, layout, food etc. Love the ship
  14. My mouth is watering just seeing the menu!!!! I can't wait.....176 days needs to hurry up and get here!
  15. I do the exact same! I am a walking pharmacy when I cruise. I plan for anything because you never know.
  16. Its probably a conversation about this already out there somewhere....so if it is, please redirect me. Never sailed out of New Orleans before. Was wondering about parking...is there a garage or parking lot close to port? And is there anything, other than the normal that I can expect from sailing out of this port.
  17. This is one of my favorite screens to watch!
  18. I just LOVE the port side....always book it when I cruise
  19. Loving your review!!!! And your little guy is the cutest Looks like he enjoyed himself.
  20. My condolences to the family! Great job, Carnival for giving this family one less thing to worry about!
  21. We are going to have a back up just in case the chat feature fails. I'm not up on all the options but my kids were talking about some different apps. I just want to be able to keep in touch with the family if I needed to.
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