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  1. Ours was cancelled in March, TA called last Monday to check on refund of taxes and port fees, they processed it that day (thank goodness she called). Credit showed up on my card this morning. They told her it could take up to three weeks to show up on my card once they finally processed it. Now I just have to wait on my new FCC credit to show up since we had a fairly large amount left after rebooking. Wanting to use it on a second cruise if it will ever come through.
  2. Same situation purplsmurf. We were scheduled fo May, then rebooked to August and it was for my son's 18th birthday and his high school graduation. He's just taking it all in stride. He's the consoler in this case and just keeps telling me we will get there eventually.
  3. Just lifted and shifted on Thursday from August 2020 to July 30, 2021. Went from 85 days to sail date to 442 in a matter of minutes. I know it had to be done, but sure is depressing, lol.
  4. Sorry for the dumb question, we're new to cruising and I didn't realize they moved around alot. Guess I'll just wait and see, was just hoping to follow their social media page if they had one just to keep the dream alive😢
  5. Can anyone tell me who the cruise director is on Millennium? I've searched everywhere and can't seem to find it.
  6. Do you have a link to this information? I've searched but haven't found it yet.
  7. Thank you for such a detailed description, that is exactly what I was looking for. We will definitely look into renting a car. And you are correct, 7 is more common and after I posted I realized we were 7 not 6 and couldn't find an option to edit, lol.
  8. We will be arriving in Vancouver at 6am and catching a flight out of Seattle at 5pm that evening. Is the Amtrak bus our best option or is there another shuttle service you have used and would recommend? What do you think would be the latest time we would need to leave Vancouver to arrive at SEATAC by 3pm?
  9. I've read all through Celebrity website regarding information on the Celebrity app but still haven't been able to figure out, is app check-in available for all ships or just the few that have app capability when on board? We are sailing on Solstice in May and the app just says my reservation is not yet available in this app.
  10. Thanks for the fast response! I've been counting down the days until check in and was hoping i wasn't jumping the gun.
  11. Does checking in online at 90 days hinder your ability to upgrade to a different class if prices drop closer to cruising date?
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