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  1. In the spirit of this discussion, let me now provoke some more meaningless arguments with the following question - Would the anti-smokers accept a compromise where people were allowed to vape in the casino? Personally vapes don't bother me as much, but then again I don't dislike cigar and pipe smoke. Never have been a smoker so maybe that's why I can tolerate a modest amount of smoke. What I really dislike is the long-term stale ashtray vibe you get from the carpets etc that make it smell like a truck stop bathroom, even if no smokers are present.
  2. RCI made a big deal about how amazing their filtered ventilation is. Well, if the casino still reeks of stale cigarette smoke, then the new ventilation isn't doing anything. I'll know in about 3 days!
  3. Exactly the point I was going to make - if unvaxxed are allowed into the casino on US cruises, then they have to wear masks and perhaps even the vaxxed people. They would have to remove the mask to smoke. I know how Vegas handled it - if you were smoking, they did not enforce the mask requirement, so people smoked a lot, and drank booze when not actively puffing. So the mask was around their chin for hours on end. It will be interesting to see what the new protocols will look like on Freedom etc.
  4. Every year we get a new flu vaccine formulation which has had zero testing, short or long term, in humans before it's mass-produced. Some covid vaccines, the least effective ones, are based on a similar technique to flu vaccines - they kill some viruses and inject you with the debris and your body does the rest. So if people don't want mRNA they could just opt for one of the crappier, old-fashioned vaccines that are available.
  5. There are a lot of people in the UK who have recovered from covid but who are now catching the new 'India' variant, at a higher rate than the breakthrough rate of some (but not all) vaccines. Moderna and Pfizer are doing well against this new variant but others not so much. Some of the possible reasons are discussed in this preprint paper: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.05.04.442663v1.full.pdf
  6. In my case, the vaccine was administered as part of the Moderna clinical trial and if you look up the lot number on the Moderna website it says the number is invalid. I'm hoping this isn't how they plan to "validate" the CDC card.
  7. If they decide to herd the unvax people into dedicated areas of restaurants, bars, etc then the transmission amongst them will be near that of the beginning of the pandemic, or even worse now that we have more virulent variants. If they are dispersed into the vaxxed population (probably at least 80% of the guests) then the R0 is very low (<< 1.0) and thus an outbreak is exceedingly unlikely.
  8. Possibly, but one difference is that it's considered a criminal offense in the Bahamas to falsify your vaccine status and a lesser offense to not wear a mask when you are supposed to. They can apply that law aboard ship if they care to. Spending two years in a Bahamian jail is a lot different than a slap fight with a Walmart greeter. It's also possible that nobody intends to enforce any of this stuff and it's all a scare tactic to encourage compliance. We'll know in a week or two.
  9. They only need to have a special wristband for the vaxxed people which could possibly include those who can show a doctor's note that they recovered recently from a confirmed covid illness. The unvaxxed people don't need the band at all. If you aren't wearing a band, you have to wear a mask and avoid crowded parts of the ship, or whatever other gently punitive measures they can think of.
  10. I'm traveling solo on the June 26 Adventure sailing and I believe our little boat has the whole island to ourselves, so I'm figuring I won't rush to reserve anything. I've booked the Beach Club for the first day just to see if I like it, but I think I'll only spend half the day there. Might hit the water park if the weather is good. If the Beach Club is super awesome I could try to book day 2 on the ship but it sounds excessive given that all the rest of the island will be so sparsely populated. I sympathize with those of you with a spouse and kids - all these choices make a huge
  11. If everybody gets the vaccine, the R0 number will be about 0.025, meaning any infection geometrically dies out.
  12. It's also possible that things you take for granted on a paid cruise like live entertainment and good quality food could be missing. I don't see why they would give away lobster and top shelf liquor to non revenue passnegers. Could be canned Spaghetti-O's and Tang, and your cabin porter role-playing as a cabaret singer in the showroom. If they decide to invite only VIPs then maybe they bust out the crab legs at the buffet, but since this is non-revenue they possibly have to use simulated money in the casino and reduce or eliminate all the stuff they sell onboard.
  13. Not difficult if the sanctions for violating the masking rules were severe enough, like getting locked in your cabin or having the whole party kicked off the boat. It would only take a few security goons roaming the ship. Easy.
  14. They haven't announced the protocol, but they could offer a colored wristband for those who voluntarily show proof of vaccination, which would tell the crew that you don't have to do the masking and distancing thing. Or the opposite, where they make everybody wear an annoying wristband and only cut it off you if you voluntarily show proof of vaccine.
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