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  1. Just got an email saying that all November sailings are cancelled.
  2. Not exactly a "royal up" but during the pandemic I got a free casino-related cruise offer, which of course was for an inside cabin. Not interested at all in ever doing inside again, I asked the person on the phone if I could pay to bump me up to a balcony and they said "sure" and it was cheap - something like $200 for me traveling alone on a 4 day cruise starting Nov 2.
  3. My best guess is some hapless app developer was told to prepare a screen for notification that a cruise is cancelled, but that some back-end system confusion is triggering the app to display it.
  4. And then there's the practical stuff - I've been searching and PCR test results seem to take 2 to 4 days to get the results, and good bet that doesn't include Saturday or Sunday. So if I have to fly to Orlando on a Monday to catch a Nov 2 sailing, how am I supposed to get a clear PCR test within 5 days of sailing? I know there are instant tests but they aren't PCR and have a higher error rate (and PCR ain't great).
  5. The support person on Twitter swears the cruise is still scheduled to operate on Nov 2 and has not be cancelled. The most sensible explanation is that Royal Caribbean hates me and wants me to die of stress.
  6. Oddly, the Royal app shows my Nov 2 cruise on Mariner as being cancelled. The website says it's still on. I'm so confused.
  7. I hope to see you guys on CocoCay on Nov 3!
  8. I think the argument can cut two ways - if people are having all sorts of outbreaks just living their lives without having social distancing, masks, and PCR testing, then maybe there's no added danger of people having vacations in the highly controlled environment of cruises where everyone has PCR testing, is socially distanced, and are forced to wear masks properly and where there is careful surveillance and isolation protocols in place.
  9. There seem to be cabins of all types available for the November 2nd Mariner sailing, so I can tell it's not sold out but can't deduce much more than this.
  10. Yes, in Haiti and Bahamas respectively. I just got off the phone with a Bahamas tourism rep - he says that Atlantis (near Nassau) would be permitted to re-open on Oct 15 if they want to but they have not decided. I have a waterpark pass pre-paid for Atlantis. The guy said that the Bahamas government will be holding a press conference in October to announce whether or not cruise ships will be permitted and under what conditions - note that right now you need a health passport to enter the Bahamas which requires a negative Covid test in the last 5 days. So for instance, I have a booki
  11. If you want to see my hostile commentary to the CDC, it's in their docket: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=CDC-2020-0087-4124. (download the PDF attachment).
  12. I'm booked on Mariner on Nov 2 of this year - it's supposed to stop at CocoCay then Nassau then back to CocoCay. Right now I'm booked on the Atlantis excursion, but a quick check of their website says the resort hasn't re-opened yet. If they are able to sail but not able to dock in Nassau, I wonder what they will do - hang out at CocoCay for three days, or stick a sea day in the middle? Of course I know the odds are against sailing at all; just wondering "what if" about their port options if allowed to sail. CocoCay is legally part of the Bahamas so if the Bahamas are completely closed (whi
  13. Oh man the Shingrix shots were 100x more horrible than my experience with the covid vaccine candidate. I think I might have preferred getting actual shingles.
  14. My speculation is that they put the animals down because they were (deliberately) infected with a deadly and contagious disease, but the document I read only mentioned it in passing so I don't know.
  15. We know that the candidate vaccines stimulate a high level of covid antibodies. We know that in a group of (unfortunate) monkeys they gave half of them the vaccine and half not, and exposed them to massive covid vaccine infections. The non-vaccine group had a lot of terrible illness. The vaccine group not only had no illness but also they couldn't find any surviving viruses in their blood. Sadly these monkeys had to be killed after the study, which is tragic considering all the extra politicians in the world that could have been put to good use instead.
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