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  1. I'm not sure that that optimism is good in this case. Mr Fain has already suggested that all staff will have to be vaccinated. Between that requirement and travel restrictions on crew coming in to US, I expect that our August cruise will have to be cancelled. We are now looking toward Sept of 2022. Sea ya!
  2. Thanks, I think I knew that...........sorry I gave out bad info.
  3. Can you Lift and Shift to the cruise you are interested in?
  4. Sorry, you are out of luck. Royal doesn't offer any self-serve.
  5. We almost exclusively sail the East/West Caribbean because we live in the SE United States. (Now in SE Florida.) However, responding to your post, we would definitely suggest sailing on Freedom and enjoying the Southern Caribbean ports. Spend a couple of days in San Juan pre-cruise and while there visit the Bacardi Rum distillery and spend a day visiting the Fort and Old San Juan. Some really great restaurants there. Enjoy and Sea ya!
  6. Quoting AC STEW: "By the way, we need to remember that all these much loved performers are cruiseline contract workers, out of work and hurting just like the rest of the crew. We need to show a lot of love when we finally get to see them once again!" If you know the names of your favorite entertainers, look them up on Facebook. Many are doing daily/weekly entertainment on FB Live with links to their Virtual Tip Jars.
  7. Always like the Ice Shows and , on Oasis Class, the Aquatheater Shows. One of our favorite in the Schooner Piano Bar is Kelly Goodrich. He has been a featured Schooner Bar entertainer for 10 years. A great guy! Sea ya!
  8. I miss spoke....1 1/2 hrs to Port Canaveral. Thanks for the catch!
  9. Me thinks that you will have to give up the sea day and just stay on the ship in St Maarten. Sorry. Sea ya!
  10. Oh heck, we are tucked down here on the coast in Stuart, FL. On I-95 its 1 hr North to Port Canaveral, 1 hr South to Port Everglades, 1 3/4 hr to Port Miami and 3 hrs across the state to Port Tampa. We are quite pleased with our location! Sea Ya!
  11. He is concerned about final payment because: " I know not much information is out yet on what the requirements will be which is what is making me nervous. Will the pools be open? The kids water park and slides be open? Will face masks be required? Will the kids club be open? Will we be able to get off at all the ports? " I was trying to respond to those questions which are making TEGL nervous. You are correct that he can get FFC and/or L&S.
  12. Not an expert on this but, I believe with the Cruise w/ Confidence you can cancel without penalty until quite shortly before sailing. By then you should have your answers about Kids Clubs, masks, etc. Stay safe.
  13. From the Cruise Critic Guidelines: This means you should not ask about someone's travel agent, nor should you respond in kind. Offering to email someone your travel agent's name or info is also not allowed, nor is asking members to email you for the information.
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