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  1. At the end of the day, give me companionship, good wine, the novelty of a new ship wears pretty thin after a while
  2. I like your thought process....but probably not!
  3. It's possible even if the Florida SE coast is moderately impacted.
  4. Predicted to be a full blown hurricane by Wednesday in the E. Caribbean, should be a rough ride within the radius of 200 miles from the eye
  5. New TS/Hurricane brewing in the Caribbean this week may cause several cruises to be re routed. Check the National Hurricane Center for updates
  6. I would rather do 3 TA's on the Star, the novelty of a new ship wears off at some stage and its the what you make of the journey.
  7. None the less, a $800 price difference seems a bit steep
  8. Sky Princess, same sailing date, Nov 19, perks appear identical
  9. NCL Star 14 day TA Barcelona to Miami starting from $549 Princess 14 day TA Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale from $1379 Why the huge disparity?
  10. Thanks, that was a useful pointer, I used a Casino Certificate, so I assume and hope I will see it when I board.
  11. Is the OBC an automatic perk or are there strings attached?
  12. When will the OBC (if any) be reflected on my account for my forthcoming trip, currently the account shows only the prepaid ultimate beverage package, thanks
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