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  1. I'm thinking of purchasing the fun pass for our cruise on the grandiosa in January. Its 108€ for 180€ of credits. My question is how much are those things individually. It's my understanding that it can be used for formula one racing, bowling and XD theatre. Is there anything else its valid for? Also does anyone know if it's hard to get a spot to do those things. I dont want to spend that money ahead and everytime I want to use it its lined up forever. Or do you book time slots on the MSC and me app onboard? What is the XD movie? Is there just one or do they
  2. Has anyone done this specific tour with MSC. It says it's a 2 hour excursion and you do a guided walk of 1.5 hrs. After that you can explore old port before taking the shuttle back to the cruise ship. Do I only have 30 mins to explore or do I just catch the shuttle when I'm ready to leave maybe a few hours later?
  3. Does anyone have any MDR menu for Mediterranean cruise. We are on the grandiosa in January and I know their menu arent out yet but I'd like to have an idea what MSC offers. It's our first cruise with MSC and our first one in Europe. We have done 4 in the Caribbean. If anyone happens to have them for Butcher's cut, atelier bistro and cirque du Soleil dinner that would be great Thanks for the help
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