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  1. It was my whole family’s favorite excursion out of all of our excursions ... the manatees were the cutest things I have ever seen .... we got to hold them, feed them and play w them a whole hour ... I don’t think you get this much time w the dolphin ... I highly recommend it . Also w got off the ship right at 9:00am when it docked and got there by 9:30am( getting a taxi was simple and quick) with plenty of time to spare ... so the 10:00am appointment worked perfect for us..... we were on the Carnival Vista out of Galveston.. so ship time and port time were the same
  2. Thank you so much for your reply’s .... I’m only trying to figure out if she can board the ship to the Caribbean w just the one passport card and nothing else .... I believe y’all have answered my question... thank you again😊
  3. Thank you so much for replying.!!!!!... calming down now from a small anxiety attack😬😓
  4. I called carnival and they told me all my 16 year old daughter needs is a passport card and no other form of ID they even went and asked the big dogs on the phone but I just want to make sure that all she needs is the passport card and not the gov photo ID also..... just freaking out because our cruise leaves Saturday and all we have for her is a passport card
  5. Thank y’all so much ..... so I’m assuming it will probably start at 6:00pm ( this helps me so much so I can plan things around this) just wish I knew the night but it seems like it could be any night.
  6. Has anyone ever done a Chefs Table on Carnival???? If you have what time does it normally start at and is it normally on the 2nd day out to sea?? I know this would just give me an estimate on when I need to plan things around it or before. Thank you
  7. Thank y’all so much for your advice and information!!!
  8. So it’s their website... but I believe their website has been hacked. It had a papypal button but it wouldn’t do anything when I pushed that but then underneath that was where u put in your credit card information and then I hit continue and it sent me to PayPal to pay again and I thought that was strange until I saw this thread but I did get an email back from reservations@mrsanchos.com showing my reservation... so it was their website and I even emailed them and got an response back .... so it’s thier website.
  9. I was actually wondering how long it would take to get a taxi also.... so thanks for answering that question for me also
  10. I scheduled a shore excursion at chukanaab park at 10:00am to swim w the manatees and we get to port at Port Maya on Carnival Vista at 9:00am .......ships time at port time will be the same ...so will this be enough time to get off ship get a taxi ride there????
  11. So I made a payment yesterday and it had me put in my credit card information and then afterwards sent me to PayPal to pay. I thought this was odd and then today I read this post and new my card was compromised. So I went ahead and canceled it. But my question is ... is it safe to use a credit card when we get there to pay the remaining balance ??? Is this just a problem on the website or is this happening at Mr. Sanchos beach club also?? If so Do they take cash??? In US dollars
  12. I was wondering the best tour company to book with to do a jet ski tour that goes to stingray city and starfish island. Would love your recommendations and who to stay away from. Was thinking of going through discount excursions. But thought I would ask your opinion first.
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