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  1. Hi Spookyfudge, did the bartender charge you for the can? If they want to give us a can but will not charge us for it then its ok.
  2. Do we have to bring the life jackets to our muster station for the drill ? I read somewhere on this board that we are no longer required to do that. thank you
  3. we have the PBP package for our upcoming cruise. I read in their terms that "fountain" sodas are included but that canned sodas are not (they are 25% off). When we place an order for soda with the waiter should we tell him that we want the fountain soda and not a can? or when ordering through a waiter(as opposed to going to the bar yourself) they will always bring you a can and charge you? How would that work. We dont want to pay for the sodas we order since fountain sodas are included in the package. so, my question is can we order fountain sodas through the waiters a
  4. Thank you so much everybody! My husband is a big omelet lover and all the information has been very helfpul. He was happy to hear that there will indeed be an omelet station.
  5. Hello All, Will be on the Coral sailing to Alaska soon. Does anybody know if they have an omelet station for breakfast? and where it is located. Also, is Sabatinis open for breakfast for everyone or for just those in suites? thank you
  6. Thank you! Would anyone be able to tell me how I can check my folio? Is there a tv menu that gives you access to your account like in a hotel? thank you
  7. thank you for info! We have not cruised for a very long time, but I remember they use to bring us receipts to sign whenever we ordered a drink. I am assuming if you have the PBP they should say "0"? Maybe this is a way for us to know immediately if we are being charged or not? thanks again
  8. Ok, got it. Thank you for your quick reply. We will be on he Coral. I am not sure if it has the Medallion. The Medallion is a pin?
  9. We received a complimentary premium beverage package(sip & sail) for our upcoming Alaskan cruise. Can someone explain to me how that works? Meaning, do we get an additional card that we present to the waiters when ordering? How do the waiters know who to charge and who not to charge? thank you
  10. Hi All, I have not cruised for 8 years and am a little rusty. We are going on an Alaskan cruise out of Vancouver(roundtrip) in September on the Coral. Would anyone have the menus/movies/patters? We are so excited! Any pics would be much appreciated. Do they still have theme nights in the Horizon Court Buffet? We ate most of our dinners there while on the Ruby 8 years ago. I also read somewhere that there is no International Cafe(like on the Ruby) on this ship? thank you
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